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Here, we talk about the straight stairlift. This is a stairlift designed to go up a single flight of straight stairs up to the next landing above. It doesn’t curve around corners or rise at an angle and therefore is a more straightforward product to install.

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Last Updated on June 11, 2021

There are lots of things to know about straight stairlifts. A stairlift helps you get up and down the stairs. This is for when you’re finding it difficult to reach the next step quickly or safely. Falling down the stairs can be dangerous. So buying and having a stairlift installed in your home is much less painful and safer for you or your loved one. There are different kinds of stairlifts. One type is the curved stairlift that is like a straight stairlifts. This goes up the stairs and then can curve around to match the trajectory of the stairs themselves. 

How Do Straight Stairlifts Operate?

How do Straight Stairlifts Operate 

They are so simple to use.

The straight stairlift is fitted to the side rail on the stairs. In most cases, the equipment is powered by a battery. This has a charging station in the hallway near the foot of the stairs. The stairlift must be plugged in to keep charging in between uses. There is a recharging time should the battery run too low, so ensuring it’s always charging is the best plan. There is a chair fixed to the stairlift that is easy to sit down on. It is adjustable to get the fit right for you. The ascent or descent is controlled using either a remote control, a control panel on the chair or a joystick to point the direction you wish to travel. It’s a straightforward system to operate.

Features Of A Straight Stairlift

Straight stairlifts are made up of many different components. Here is a breakdown of what a stairlift is made up of:

  • Rail
  • Power source
  • Seat
  • Footrest
  • Motor
  • Transmission
  • Controls

How Do I Know If the Straight Stairlifts Will Fit?

A straight stairlift is designed to fit many different staircases. The team of people who come to install the stairlift will have done this job hundreds of times. They would have done it on many types of stairs and bannisters. So they won’t have a problem adapting to different types of stairs.

Is A Straight Stairlift Expensive?

Is a Straight Stairlift Expensive 

They are worth the price.

A straight stairlift is a less expensive type; a curved stairlift is pricier because it’s a custom fitting to suit a curved staircase, with the rate of the curve not being standard in each home. With a straight staircase, it just goes straight up. The length of the run is different depending on the height level of the second floor, but otherwise, one fitting isn’t that much different from another one with straight stairlifts. Look at stairlift prices, and you will see stairlifts are not overly expensive, and there are several brands and products to choose from to get the best bargain.

How To Get A Straight Stairlift?

When you have decided that you’re interested in purchasing and getting a straight stairlift fitted in your UK home, the next step is to get a quote. When requesting a quote, the chosen stairlift company such as Age UK Stairlifts comes to your home to take measurements for your straight stairlifts. Then they will give you a guide on the cost to install a stairlift of your choosing. Once you’ve decided, it’s just a matter of booking an appointment for the fitters to come and fit the straight stairlift, and you’ll be riding up and down the stairs in no time. Arranging a straight stairlift installation in the UK is easy to do. The companies who make the systems are used to helping people who are less mobile get better use out of their multi-storey home.

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