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Stairlifts are can seem rather completive things. but when you understand how stairlifts work. Then it will seem extremely simple.

What Components Is a Stairlift Made Up Of?

What Components Is a Stairlift Made Up Of
They are simple pieces of kit.

The first thing for how stairlifts work is like any other mechanical system, a bespoke stairlift has a variety of components that serve different functions. This is to make it an efficient and safe method.

These components shall include:

  • Rail – this helps stabilize the chair. It is also the structure that propels and controls the chair as it goes up and down the stairs. It operates the same manner as the train tracks. An angled stairlift is also running on floors.
  • Power source – Many of the stairlifts provide battery backup back up. Whether or not the device requires a battery charge. It has to connect to a power supply that is what powers the machine. If a battery does not power the system, a dedicated circuit is needed to operate efficiently.
  • Seat – It’s also the bench that the people lie while they use the stairlift. It’s fitted with a seatbelt to ensure sure you’re safely secured to the seat while the stairlift is going. The belt is one of the critical protective devices of the stairlifts.
  • Footrest – It is a protective device to prevent the foot from touching the steps. This is so they don’t get caught while the stairlift goes up the stairs. There are controls on the footrest that allow the stairlift pause if the footrest touches anything for protection.
  • Motor – this is what pushes the chair to the line. Generally situated at the base of the bench.
  • Transmission – Due to the high speed of the engine, a transmission system is required. This is to reduce the speed of the chair. This makes it safe for use.
  • Controls – Some lifts come with a call and send commands. That is mounted on the wall near the end of the stairs. They come in handy when more than one person uses the stairs. For certain situations, such devices can also be wireless.

How To Measure Up For a Stairlift?

Another thing that is critical for how stairlifts work is when it comes to how to calculate for a stairlift. There are two aspects to the process. One is choosing which side of the stairs. The other is the device should be mounted on and measuring the measurements itself.

It may seem obvious to you at one glance where your stairlift should be located. But don’t forget that several essential factors need to be considered before any work gets started. 

First, be aware that a little extra ‘overhang’ room will be needed. You will need this at both the top and bottom of your stairs. This is to accommodate the ends of the track and the lift itself. Second, take particular notice of any possible barriers to the direction of the stairlift, such as walls, radiators and doorways. That might sound like straightforward guidance.

With this in mind, there are a host of different choices that are suitable for a lot of specific stairs. Even including those that will require a short stairlift.

When it comes to making the exact dimensions for the stairlift, four estimates ought to be written down. The length of the stairs. The width of the stairs. The sum of height at the bottom and at the peak. 

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that different stairs differ in depth. To make confident that the lift suits, the distance of the stairs should be determined at the narrowest point of the stairs.

Installation Of The Stairlift

Installation Of The Stairlift
Stairlift companies will do it for you.

While there are various types of stairlifts and a range of safety measures. The mode of operation has been kept necessary. Many of the stairlifts are controlled by a basic switch that regulates the speed. In absolute stairlifts, the consumer has to press the button. In some, you may need to keep it in place until the end of the trip.

Most stairlifts can not start working if you have not done a safety test. This involves placing the foot and armrest in the correct place and buckling up. When the stairlifts have come to an end, they should immediately cease and beep. This will beep until they have told you that they are free to move. The stairlift could even start beeping you’re triggering a midway button.

Without knowing how the stairlift operates, much of the misconceptions about the stairlifts may be removed. It’s also a perfect way to persuade people who were reluctant to get one built to make a move to make a significant choice to get a stairlift in their house.

Do Stairlifts Make Noise?

People often worry that the stairs are going to be noisy in their home. But this is a common misconception as the stairs are very quiet.

The low voltage they use ensures that they give a quiet trip with minimal noise distortion. When the stairlift is causing noise or creates an unexpected sound, guidance from a Handicare stairlift is suggested.

How to Get a Stairlift?

So now you know how stairlifts work. If you are interested in getting a quote for a stairlift, then fill out the form on our page where you can Get a Stairlift Quote.