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Stairlift Rental

When deciding about having a Stairlift in the UK for you or a close family member, you may wonder whether to buy or rent. In this guide, we will look at the option of renting a stairlift.

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Last Updated on July 20, 2022

Stairlift Rental Key Points

  • Suppose you are still not sure whether to buy or rent a stairlift.
  • You are charged a monthly fee.
  • There may be an initial installation charge.
  • You can get a straight stairlift rental.
  • You agree on a rental period.
  • A temporary solution – As we just mentioned above, the hire option is most suitable for those who have a temporary need for a stairlift.
  • Almost all stairlift hire companies offer a free home survey.
  • You don’t have to worry about servicing costs.
  • Make sure you check for hidden costs.
  • Safety and ConvenienceIf you are safety conscious, a rental stairlift is a good option for you.


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Purchasing Vs Renting A Stairlift

Purchasing Vs Renting A StairliftStairlifts are a fantastic piece of support equipment. Stairlifts help physically challenged and disabled people to move freely around the home. Renting a stairlift could be a great way to do that. They also help them regain their freedom and confidence.

It’s also a matter of security and safety for the person who is already facing a hard time in life. Since that person’s close family members can’t be at home all the time, a stairlift makes it easier for them to move around.

Rented Option Defined

Purchasing vs Renting a StairliftRenting a stairlift is sometimes a better option than buying one. For instance, those who cannot invest a bulk amount of money in one go should look at renting. The second category of people who would go for rented stairlifts is disabled friends or family visiting.

Hence, they would go for the rent option in this situation because they may only need the stairlift for a limited period. However, stairlift hire can become more expensive than buying one in the long run. Therefore, we recommend that you only opt for a rented one when you temporarily need it.

Suppose you are still not sure whether to buy or rent a stairlift. We advise you to arrange a home visit of a mobility solution representative. That person can guide you further by keeping in view all the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

The following are several factors that can help you determine whether buying a stairlift will be a wise decision. Or if renting would be better for you.

Type Of Stairs

Type Of StairsThere are two types of stairs. Straight stairs, these are stairs with no curves and then there is curved stairs. These have a bend or a corner in them. Different stairs will have different costs for stairlifts to go on them. The reason is simple: Straight Stairlifts are easier to install because no extra cost has to be incurred. 

Curved Stairlifts need to be customised by keeping in view the curve of your home’s stairs. Therefore if you are looking for a straight stairlift, you shouldn’t face any problems with stairlift rental.

Spread The Cost

Spread the Cost The common practice is that whenever you sign a contract with a stairlift company such as Companion Stairlifts and Acorn Stairlifts, they will ask you to agree on a fee for a certain period, say one year. This is known as the rental agreement.

You will then be required to pay them either weekly or monthly. 

However, if you have a long-term disability or have a parent who has small chances of getting fully recovered, we recommend the ‘buying option’. 

Almost all stairlift hire companies offer a free home survey. It is appropriate and wise to ask the surveyor for the best option by describing your needs. The surveyor will also provide you with a blank form to fill accordingly. You will get an idea about the procedure and how much you would be required to pay.

Safety and Convenience

Safety and ConvenienceIf you are safety conscious, renting a stairlift is a good option. This is because all reputable companies offer free maintenance on their leased equipment. As per law, they have to provide safe and smooth equipment. Therefore if you are looking for operational equipment managed by the company, the rent option is suitable for that purpose.

If one day you find out that your stairlift isn’t working correctly, all you have to do is call their office, and they will soon come to fix it. If you no longer need the stairlift, you can inform your contractor to remove it from your home. Hence it’s another benefit that you won’t have to be worried about reselling it.

Is Stairlift Rental Expensive?

Is Stairlift Rental Expensive Stairlift rental can cost as little as £10 weekly. The price is all determined on the amount of time you need it for and the type of stairs you have.

But even with customers requesting just a straightforward stairlift, this rent should be within budget. You obtain the same mobility tools at a significantly improved cost. Also, if you are looking for a stairlift but want something permanent, then look for reconditioned stairlifts. Unlike a rented stairlift, these are cheaper than new stairlifts and are yours to keep.

How Long Does The Installation Of A Rental Stairlift Take?

How Long Does The Installation Of A Rental Stairlift TakeA further change in plumbing is expected by upgrading the heat pump and relocating the radiator or other parts of your dwelling.

Installing a straight stairlift can typically take up to 5 hours, whereas installing one can be accomplished in less than an hour!  In addition, it typically takes more installation hours than on the right. A stairlift is a more straightforward construction to manufacture because stairs are curved and need a curved stairlift.

Is There A Minimum Or Maximum Time Period For Stairlift Rental?

Is There A Minimum Or Maximum Time Period For Stairlift RentalRenting the stairlifts on stairs is rarely inexpensive. Most stairlift companies are limited to just about a week in length. If it is necessary to install stairlifts longer than expected, please be sure to have that installed and be careful in this regard. Also, check to see what the installation charge may be. The installation charge may be more than the monthly payment.

Often it takes more work to get the stairlifts down. The maintenance service and ease of maintenance are a massive advantage as rent stairlifts make an ideal way to keep stuff clean and safe.

Will The Stairlift Rental Take Care Of Maintenance For Me?

These facilities mean that renting companies will work from their maintenance staff. Many stairlift companies also offer 24-hour customer support telephone.

The other advantage is to guarantee you an experienced engineer. Keep everything in place and safe. In many cases, the owners are prohibited from maintaining homes.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract With My Stairlift Rental?

The rental stairlift contract needs to include when you expect it to take effect after 1-2 months. If you do not pay every month for rentals, then why would anybody be stuck in the payment phase of the price for rental staircases at a lower level.

It isn’t necessary to sign up with your rental company for this service in many cases, but we advise you to do so. The average leasing term could last anywhere from 1 month to 3 months.

Type Of Stairlifts You Can Rent

The most common rental model is straight stairlifts. This makes it safer to have easy to install stairlifts on various steps. It becomes more difficult to rent the curvilinear staircase because it often requires customisation. Several stairs require stairlifts that require custom designs.

Heavy Duty Stairlift Models are more widely accepted and purchased from numerous suppliers. The swivel seating model is also available. Stannah is a leading firm for stairlifts in the UK with multiple different types for rent, both straight stairlift and curved stairlift models available.

Stairlift Rental Service

The stairlift rental service allows you to rent a stairlift from a stairlift company for a short period. This means that you can get the benefits of a stairlift for a short period. This is a great mobility solution for people who may temporarily need mobility aids such as broken bones and more. It is also a cheaper alternative for those who do not want to buy one.

Is It Better To Rent Or Buy A Stairlift?

Sometimes hiring a stairlift can be a safer option than purchasing them directly in the apartments. The stairlift rental scheme allows you to save money over a short period. This is be the rental period is not for very long. A local home improvement agency can help you find the best solution for your home based off your mobility needs. They are also best placed to advise on financial decisions. 

A Temporary Solution

As we just mentioned above, the hire option is most suitable for a temporary need for a stairlift. So those people who are either short-termed disabled (due to an accident) or those who a disabled loved one is visiting would be happier to spend less money by hiring one.

Stairlift Rental Companies

There are many stairlift rental companies out there on the market, and we recommend you get multiple stairlift quotes before committing to a decision. You can get a free quote on our website. All you need to do is fill out our form, and we will put you in touch with a stairlift company.

Summary Of Renting A Stairlift

Stairlifts help physically challenged and disabled people to move freely around the home. The type of stairs in your home matters a lot when finding a stairlift to rent. 

If you are looking for operational equipment managed by the company, the rent option is suitable. Renting a stairlift is the perfect option for those who only need it for a short period. If you need it for longer, you will better spend your money by making a complete purchase.

Rental FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on stairlift rental.

Can You Fit A Stairlift Yourself?

You can install a stairlift on your own, but only if you know what you’re doing. You may require an electrician’s services to ensure power is distributed properly. It is recommended that you hire a professional to do the installation.

How Long Can You Rent A Stairlift For?

A rental plan isn’t the best option if you need a lift for more than two years. If you think you’ll be using the stairlift often, buying one may be more cost-effective than continuing to rent one.

When the first six months of the lease have gone, you have the option to terminate the agreement at any time.

How Much Does Stairlift Rental Cost?

Rental fees for a stairlift normally include the initial installation and the first six months of maintenance. After the first six months, the rent will increase to a new level. Each price is individual to your needs, so it is best to get a quote.

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