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Stairlift price can range from £1000 to £6000. This is all down to the layout of your home and your needs. Learn about how much it is to buy a stairlift. This page also answers any stairlift cost questions you might have.

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Last Updated on July 27, 2022

How much does a stairlift cost?

If you need to buy or rent a UK stairlift, your first thought is likely to be how much it will cost.

It’s no secret that the expense of the stairlift is very high.

Depending on your needs, you may require a custom-made stairlift or just a plain straight stairway stairlift.

The reality is that several variables will affect the stairlift cost. These variables include:

  • Does your home have straight or curved stairs?
  • Do you need extra/special features on the stairlift?
  • Do you want to buy a new stairlift or a reconditioned one?
  • Are you eligible for a stairlift grant?

What is the average cost of a stairlift?

If you own an old staircase and have a single stairs, you must have a budget that can range between £4,000 and £6,000 to install a new stairlift on each floor. Costs vary between £3000 and £4,000 and are average. This price is in addition to the 1-year warranty on equipment installation.

New Stairlift Prices

Starting from

£1000 +

Reconditioned Stairlift Prices

Starting from

£700 +

Stairlift Rental Prices

Starting from

£10 + a week

Straight Stairlift Prices

Starting from

£1000 +

Curved Stairlift Prices

Starting from

£2000 +

To get the most accurate stairlift price we recommend getting a stairlift quote.

Companion Focus On ComfortA Straight stairlift is simpler and easier to install, meaning they cost less. These are for a straight staircase with no corners or turns on them. A straight stairlift also costs less because it is not bespoke to your stairs. Meaning they don’t need to be custom made for your stairs.

To ensure you get the most appropriate straight stairlift solution for your needs at the most cost-effective price, we recommend you obtain a free stairlift quote from several competing stairlift companies. This will allow you to decide from the stairlift models available on the market and find a low price. Straight stairlifts costs do vary.

Remember, the cheapest isn’t always the best with straight stairlift prices.

Average straight stairlift starting price: £1950

Purchase from Reputable Stairlift Company

Curved stairlifts require a more complex solution resulting in a higher price from:

– For a curved staircase.

– Curved Rail

– Bespoke design requirements for curved stairlifts.

– Higher production costs

– Increased installation requirements

Average curved stairlifts cost, starting price: £4050

Stairlifts For OutdoorsOutdoor stairlifts are one of the newest innovations to the stairlift market.

Outdoor stairlifts solutions unlock access to some of the most loved areas outside the home. The enjoyment of spaces such as the garden is denied due to accessibility issues. 

It can be very distressing for the person involved and the family to see loved ones prevented from enjoying access to their garden.

We highly recommend considering an outdoor stairlift as a way of unlocking access to the loved outdoor areas again, with the peace of mind of being safe around steps.

Average Outdoor stairlifts, starting price: £2250


StairliftsA Reconditioned Stairlift is an excellent way to get a good quality stairlift for a lower price. Sometimes referred to as a used stairlift. We understand that not everyone wants to spend thousands on a new stairlift—especially when sometimes you can get just as good a stairlift refurbished.

Reconditioned Stairlift is a second-hand stairlift that has once been used by someone else who has sold them to a company that have then fixed any old and worn parts on them, so they run just as good.

When buying a reconditioned stairlift, they tend only to be available for straight stairlifts as curved stairlifts need to be custom made.

This is something you should keep in mind when looking for a stairlift. They are tested to a very high standard, so you can be confident that the durability and safety will not be in question. Stairlifts cost for a reconditioned model can be a lot less.

Average Reconditioned stairlift prices, starting price: £1000

stairlift rentalYou don’t want to pay the high cost of a stairlift, renting one may be better. People who can’t afford or don’t want to invest a considerable amount of money at once may want to explore renting. For example, having a stairlift installed may also be helpful for those who are hosting a visitor who is disabled, such as a family member or a close friend.

Consequently, they’d hire a stairlift since they only need it for a brief period. However, renting a stairlift can be more expensive than buying one in the long run. To avoid overpaying for a short-term commitment, consider renting one instead. However, if you plan to have it for a long time, it would be best to buy a stairlift fully.

You may still be unsure whether you should buy or rent a stairlift. A mobility solution specialist may come to your home and help you find a solution. This person can help you analyse the benefits and drawbacks of several options to make an educated choice.

When selecting whether or not to buy a stairlift, there are a lot of factors to take into account. For those who want to rent, this option is available.

Average Stairlift Rental, starting price: £10 a week (plus upfront costs)

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Finding The Best Stairlift Company For You

Finding The Best Stairlift Company For YouSo you have concluded that you need a stairlift in yourself or your loved ones home. You might have a firm idea of what type of stairlift you may need, whether curved or straight. Also, maybe what your budget may be. This could be the budget to buy a new stairlift, save some money, get a reconditioned stairlift, or even rent a stairlift. Each type is the right decision, and there is no wrong answer. It is all about making the choice that fits the stairlift user.

That leads to finding the right stairlift manufacturers that can meet the needs. Most stairlift companies cover both straight and curved stairlifts. However, not all companies do reconditioned stairlifts or rental stairlifts. So if you are looking for the latter, you may have to do a little more looking around, and it could take longer.

We recommend you always validate the company before your purchase from them. This is because you don’t want to fall victim to a scam.

You have the leading stairlift brands that you can find in the UK. These also tend to be the stairlift manufacturers, and then you have smaller companies who are resellers of these brands. All prices range from company to company, so this is why it is good to get a quote from multiple companies. Then you can find a stairlift model you like.

Some of the main stairlift companies in the UK are Age UK Stairlifts, Acorn Stairlifts, Stannah Stairlifts, Companion Stairlifts, and many more.

How Can Stairlift Guru Help

We can help bridge the gap and save you time searching the internet for hours to find a stairlift company that can give you a quote whether you are looking for a straight or curved stairlift or want to rent or buy a reconditioned stairlift. Just fill our form out on the website with the correct information, and we will have the stairlifts come to you. But the important thing is, we offer free quotes, and we will send your information to the best-suited companies for your needs.

Is Your Staircase Straight Or Curved?

Straight stairlifts typically cost less when compared to flat lifters. The steps have fewer angles for straight staircases. Designed for stairlifts, this product requires a specialised track to adapt to your building’s specific design. Curved stairs offer lower prices than straight ones.

Below we consider these variables in more detail and how these affect the average cost, and what type of stairlift you may need, such as curved stairlifts or straight stairlifts.

What To Search For To Get Stairlift Prices And Quotes

Google can be complicated for some people, especially when researching a topic you may not know. We recommend getting multiple stairlift quotes from various companies to ensure you get a stairlift that meets your needs. To find stairlift companies that can give you prices, you search “stair lifts UK cost”, “stairlift elevator cost” or even “step lift price”, all you have to do is put the product in and the information you would like.

You can add a location to your search term to get an even more detailed search result, such as “cost of stairlift Ireland”, which will bring back prices for stairlifts in Ireland. You can also get multiple quotations on this website by clicking get a quote.

Stair lift Costs

Stairlift Costs Key Points

  • These features may be necessary for you due to your disability, but if you know you don’t need them, don’t buy them.
  • This will help to reduce the stairlift cost.
  • Do I pay VAT when buying a new stairlift? Make sure to check VAT on stairlifts as you may be eligible to pay no VAT as this is a mobility product.
  • Please check with the manufacturer to get complete details regarding VAT on stairlifts.
  • Are you eligible for a stairlift grant? If the stairlift cost is too much for you, check to see if you’re eligible for a stairlift grant.
  • Everyone who needs to buy a stairlift should check this.
  • This is called the Disabled Facilities Grants.
  • All you have to do is apply for an application to your local council, and they will assess your situation.

Stairlift Cost Questions

Does Your Stairlift Need Extra Features?

Stairlift Cost QuestionsExtra stairlift features may include:

  • A special stairlift chair/seat to meet the needs of the user
  • A joystick to operate it

The cost of a stairlift can go up by quite a large amount if you require special features. These features may be necessary for you due to your disability, but if you know you don’t need them, don’t buy them. This will help to reduce the stairlift cost.

Do I Pay VAT When Buying A New Stairlift?

Make sure to check VAT exemption on stairlifts as you may be eligible to pay no VAT as this is a mobility product. Please check with the manufacturer to get complete details regarding VAT exemption on stairlifts.


Do Companies Offer Price Match Guarantee?

Not all companies offer this, so you will need to shop around and ask the sales advisor about this. It would be best to compare prices anyway and way up when you get a quote. Which is the best option for you?

What Is The Stairlift Installation Price?

The installation cost of installing a stairlift should be £0 like this, most of the time is included in the price. However, this is down to the company from which you choose to buy, so you should check their terms and condition first before getting a stairlift installed. The stairlift installation process can be a quick and easy one. It all depends on the weather you may have a narrow staircase or need structural changes to your staircase.

Can You Sell A Stairlift When Not Needed Anymore?

When you don’t need a stairlift anymore, you can indeed sell your stairlift. However, you should note that you should not expect to get near the purchase price. The best way to sell a stairlift is to sell it back to a company. You can sell your stairlift by filling out our form on our sell a stairlift page. This will allow you to get a quote on how much you could get.

However, sometimes they may charge you a removal fee if they can’t buy it from you. This is often the case when a stairlift is too old.

Does The Stairlift Chair Swivel?

There is the option for you to get a stairlift with a swivel seat. This is great if you need to transfer from a wheelchair. You can use a swivel seat to make it line up next to your wheelchair, and then you can do a safe transfer.

What Is The Running Costs Of A Stairlift?

The running costs of a stairlift are the electricity used to power a stairlift is not a lot. The typical electricity bill from a Stairlift would be around £5-£10 depending on use, stair length etc.

Can Stairlifts Fit Narrow Stairs?

Stairlifts can indeed fit narrow stairs. Be sure to raise this with the company you pick to make sure the stairlift they are selling you is compatible. Narrow staircases are very common, especially in older homes built before 2010.

What Is The Stairlift Maintenance Cost?

If you have a stairlift, it is good to get it serviced and looked after regularly. This is because, just like a car, they will get wear and tear, and you will need to keep on top of this for safety. Maintenance costs aren’t always included in the initial price. You will have to pay for this separately sometimes. Or you can get this covered in your warranty. It all depends on the maintenance contract you have. You can have different main types of maintenance contracts, but the most common we see is the yearly service and maintenance contract.

Does A Stairlift Come With An Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty depends on the company you choose to buy from, and you should always check up on this when you receive your quote and see if this is included. As well as look at their terms and conditions. Also, check how long the warranty period lasts.

What Is The Cost Of A Stairlift UK?

A new floor stairlift cost is not fixed since the cost can vary from below £2,000 to over £6,000.

How Do You Qualify For A Free Stairlift?

If evaluating your eligibility, the council must agree to consider whether installing the stairs would be necessary. Occupational therapy often comes in for you for a visit.

Are You Eligible For A Stairlift Grant?

If the stairlift cost is too much for you, check to see if you’re eligible for a stairlift grant. Everyone who needs to buy a stairlift should check this.

Persons with disabilities are given disabilities grant that needs a stairlift but cannot continue to cover the expenses alone. This is called the Disabled Facilities Grants. All you have to do is apply for an application to your local council, and they will assess your situation. You can learn more about this option by reading our Definitive Guide to Stairlift Grants.

Summary Of Stairlift Cost

What’s the average cost of a stairlift? Ok, you realise that the expense would not be too high if you had straight stairs. But curved staircases require a curved stairlift, which is substantially more costly. Ultimately, you won’t find out the exact price until getting a quote from UK stairlift companies.

If you want to try and cut down the cost of a UK stairlift, you can look for used stairlifts, buy a more basic model (i.e. that has fewer features) or see if you are eligible for a stairlift grant.

These options could save you a small or considerable amount, every penny matters. We hope this page has been helpful for you to see how much does it cost for a stairlift in the UK.

Pricing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on stairlift pricing.

Are stairlift costs tax deductible?

In short, it depends on whether or not the upgrade is considered to be of medical significance. If your doctor says you need a stairlift and can prove it, you may deduct the cost of installing one from your taxes or VAT.

How Much Does The Average Stairlift Cost

Between £2,000 to £5,500 is what most people spend on a stairlift. Some clients are ready to spend as much as £4,500 on a brand-new stairlift, while others are content to spend less with options such as reconditioned stairlifts or renting a stairlift.

What Types Of Stairlifts Are There?

One may categorise stairlifts as either straight or curved. A straight stairlift is the most sensible option when there is just one set of steps with no landings. If your staircase is curved, has a landing in the middle, or the inclination is not uniform, you will need a curved stair lift.

Installation of a straight stairlift is simple. It’s common for curved stairlifts to be custom-ordered. The manufacturer will tailor the dimensions and profile of the handrail to your staircase. This ensures the greatest possible integration with the stairwell.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Stairlift UK?

Existing stairlift users suggest a new device will cost about £2,000. You may expect to pay about £5,000 for a new curved stairlift or £2,500 for a straight one.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Stairlift?

Two huge batteries are installed inside the stairlift carriage, providing the power needed to operate the lift. Stairlift companies estimate that the product will last for three to five years.

Are Stairlifts Worth It?

Depending on others to help you up and down the stairs might seem quite limiting. The need for a stairlift severely helps an individual’s freedom to move about the home. The value of a stairlift is returned by giving someone independence again.

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