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It’s essential to speak with a specialist to decide which stairlift is best for your specific requirements before purchasing one to help people with mobility problems regain their independence in their own homes. Stairlifts are excellent mobility aids for wheelchair users to help meet their mobility needs. Please read our guide for beginners to learn about stairlifts and choose the best one for your home. Here are some types of stairlifts you can buy.

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Last Updated on April 6, 2022

Types And Configurations Of Stairs

    Types And Configurations Of Stairs

    More than 80 per cent of 55-year-old individuals prefer living in their own homes. Installing a stairlift enables people to move quickly and continue living their lifestyles. A wide range of stairs are offered and are customizable in multiple configuration options in response to the requirements of consumers.

    Currently, many family members don’t own stairlifts, but they can easily access the lift as part of a home renovation, reducing worry. A staircase lift model is available in all shapes and configurations, convenient for the consumer.

    Stairlift Models And Types Of Stairlift

    Stairlift Models And Types Of Stairlift

    Stairlift companies offer straight, curved or outdoor stairlifts which will fit perfectly into your house and garden. A staircase stairlift varies according to the user requirements. When you turn in the circle, you require a particular platform in the same direction as you are on your staircase. This is called a curved stairlift

    As for straight stairlifts, they require just straight stairs with no corners. All it takes to go up. Straight staircases to this level make an open staircase without turning and landing in front. A straight stairlift is also the cheapest of the two types. This is because it has a straight rail and is not custom-made for straight staircases. Also, you can sell it with a straight rail when you are done with it.

    A Look At Stairlift Design Types

    A Look At Stairlift Design TypesVarious stairlifts are available but fall broadly within two types: straight and curved stairlifts. The latter product is tailored to a curved rail to follow the curved staircase. Your stairs may have a corner, so the stairlift needs to go around them.

    That is where curved stairlifts are essential. Stairlift controls are relatively simple and can easily be installed in both rows of elevators. Most stairlift controls can be found on the arm rests. This helps limited mobility people have a smoother ride up their stairs.

    Curved Stairlift

    Curved StairliftYour stairs will be measured and adjusted if there are bends. These are often referred to as curved stairs. Whether staircase: As soon as the curve come, there may be something in shape to suit your stairlift. As stairlifts are individually built based upon your stairs, your stairlift rail may require height measurement.

    You only need your help to get your lift ready and installed in a certain amount of time as we have the best elevators to fit your requirements. You can also get a curved stairlift for a spiral staircase.

    Straight Stairlift

    Straight StairliftStraight stairs are staircases that have no turn. In some cases, this straight lift will suit anyone that runs through stairs. This means you will have straight rails for your stairs. Then we have to ensure that you have landing space above the staircase.

    A sales representative guides you during your free consultation to use a stairlift without a doubt. Curved rails are constructed in aluminium with various finish possibilities for any taste. You can get a free quote and speak to a sales representative.

    Outdoor Stairlift

    Outdoor StairliftWhen shopping for an outdoor stairlift, it’s essential to think about what kind of network you’ll need. You may choose from a range of types for outdoor stairlifts. These can fit the outdoor staircase.

    To ensure that you get an outdoor stairlift that is right for your needs, consider the location of the steps and the curvature of the stairs. The cost of a stairlift varies depending on the model. Take into account how many tracks you have and how many of each kind of track you have.

    The key to a successful outdoor stairlift installation is ensuring that the dimensions are accurate. A skilled expert can only find the most appropriate stairlift for your requirements; therefore, be sure to have a trained professional do your space analysis on your outdoor stairs. Outdoor stairlifts are made with weather resistant materials.

    Reconditioned Stairlift

    Reconditioned StairliftA stairlift company can’t compromise on the quality of its new or reconditioned stairlifts. Reconditioned stairlifts will have any defective components replaced or removed. It’s going to get a new set of cables, rollers, and a thorough check.

    Customer satisfaction is achieved as a consequence. You must update technical and health standards as necessary to ensure the safety of all commodities in the United Kingdom. They need to double-check everything.

    A stairlift is a life-saver. For sale is a refurbished stairlift that trained technicians can install. Alternatively, a leased stairlift might be a cost-effective option for any family member with mobility issues. You may rest easy. You have been freed. During your house tour, you may ask any questions you have to the client’s agent.

    Narrow Stairlift

    Narrow StairliftA completely straight staircase with a minimum width of 750 mm wide is conceivable. However, it may be a little constrained. However, it’s not impossible. The average distance can fit, and function is 850 mm if the staircase is angled. Though stairlifts can typically fit almost any stair width, you don’t have the luxury of a large number of stairlift firms to choose from. This is because not all companies cover narrow staircases.

    For this reason, not all manufacturers produce narrow stairlifts. Certain firms with a solution are always more expensive. As a result, remember this. As a result of the increasing demand for small stairlifts, manufacturers have taken notice of the problem and have come up with some creative solutions. Please don’t feel like you’re missing out on the fun when it comes to stairlifts.

    Heavy Duty Stairlifts

    Heavy Duty StairliftsOn your own, dealing with the mobility concerns that come with obesity may be a challenge. Getting up and down the stairs at home is a gruelling effort. To avoid further aggravating their already tired muscles and joints, stairlifts are the best option for them. Stairlifts alleviate the tension and stress that would ordinarily accompany this activity.

    The dizziness and other discomforts associated with obesity might make it challenging to go about. As a result, others may not be able to see them as they travel down a long flight of stairs—features of a Stairlift with a Heavy Duty Design. Standard heavy-duty stairlifts in the UK can only carry 25st of weight. Many stairlift manufacturers cater to those who weigh up to 25 stones. But don’t hesitate to contact a stairlift company for an estimate. They’ll be pleased to assist you.

    Stairlift Benefits

    Stairlift Benefits Stairlifts can fit your stairs perfectly and help you or your loved one. The main categories that people get a stairlift are dizzy spells, reduced physical strength, wheelchair user and many more. Stairlifts benefit all people. Now you can even get stairlift designs to make them fit your hour decor.

    What Are The Different Types Of Stairlifts?

    What Are The Different Types Of StairliftsA primary stairlift can also include horizontal, vertical, horizontal standing and platform vertically. The staircase lift can move between different stairs and is a seated lift or a standing lift. If you have problems bending down to sit, you can get a standing stairlift. This allows you to stand up, use seat belts to strap in, and safely climb stairs.

    What Kind Of Stairlift Do I Need?

    What Kind Of Stairlift Do I NeedPurchasing the stairlift can be complicated. Choose the type which fits your body’s shape. It will help choose models with higher seats and larger seats with lower torsional weight than their predecessors. It improves safety as well as comfort during the journey. You can also get a seat belt that is extended to help you get access.

    Is There An Alternative To A Stairlift?

    Cost-to-operate platforms Lifts are an alternative to stairlifts or are simple and cheaper options. All of these solutions require plenty of room inside you. Lift platforms are typical in public buildings in stairways because they have a large area.

    Are All Stairlifts The Same?

    Most people feel that stairlift systems shouldn’t be different. The price and quality of lift installations can vary depending on components, such as a staircase type.

    Is A Stairlift Safe?

    If people want stairs, they need lifts; they don’t need much help. The stairs lift will generally be straightforward, have safety features, and include the following information.

    How Do I Pay For A Stairlift?

    Is there more than one funding model available for an elevator that will save you money? When looking to buy a stairlift If you are looking for a new stairlift, a great solution is to see if you are eligible for a stairlift grant.

    Summary Of Types Of Stairlift

    The perfect stairlift fits all your needs and blends into your home. There are different types of stairlifts. You can get seated stairlifts, standing stairlifts, stairlifts for your outdoor steps or even narrow stairlifts for small staircases. There is a company that can help you with that. The best way to start is by getting a free stairlift quote and seeing the costs.

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