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Stairlift Costs in the UK – Guide

If you need to buy or rent a UK stairlift, your first thought is likely to be how much it will cost. It’s no secret that the stairlift cost can total quite a large amount. Depending on your needs and the stairs in your home, you may need a stairlift that’s tailored for you, or you may get away with buying a simple straight stairlift.

The truth is, the stairlift cost will depend on a number of factors. These factors include:

  • Does your home have straight stairs?
  • Does your home have curved stairs?
  • Do you need extra/special features on the stairlift?
  • Do you want to buy a new stairlift or an old one?
  • Can you get a stairlift grant?

Below we will look at these factors in more detail, and how the stairlift cost may change for each.

Straight Stairlift Cost

If your home has a straight staircase, then you will be able to buy a straight stairlift. Straight stairlifts are a lot more simple and easy to install, meaning they cost a lot less.

The price of a straight stairlift will change depending on who you buy it from. You should ring up a few suppliers and get a quote from each.

Straight stairlifts starting price: £1950

Curved Stairlift Cost

If your staircase is curved, then you will need to buy a curved stairlift. These types of stairlifts come at a higher cost, as your stairs will need to be measured and a stairlift will need to be made accordingly.

Curved stairlifts, starting price: £4050

Does Your Stairlift Need Extra Features?

Extra stairlift features may include:

  • A special stairlift chair/seat to meet the needs of the user
  • A joystick to operate it

The cost of a stairlift can go up by quite a large amount if you require special features. These features may be necessary for you due to your disability, but if you know you don’t really need them, don’t buy them.

This will help to reduce the stairlift cost.

New vs Used Stairlifts

A brand new stairlift will obviously cost you a lot more than a new one.

When you compare this price to a used stairlift, you’ll be startled by how much you could save.

Have a look online and see if anyone is selling a stairlift that they no longer need. If they’re desperate to get rid of it, you may be able to buy it from them for less than £1000!

If you do buy an new or used stairlift, make sure it’s in good working condition.

Are You Eligible for a Stairlift Grant?

If the stairlift cost is too much for you, you should check to see if you’re eligible for a stairlift grant. In fact, everyone who needs to buy a stairlift should check this.

Disabled Facilities Grants are available to anyone who is disabled and needs a stairlift, but can’t afford to pay the costs by themselves. All you have to do is fill in an application to the council, and they will assess your situation.

You can learn more about this option by reading our Definitive Guide to Stairlift Grants.

To Summarise

So, how much does a stairlift cost? Well, if you have straight stairs, you know that the cost won’t be too high. However, if you have curved stairs, the stairlift cost may be considerably more.

Ultimately, you won’t find out the exact price until you contact a few UK stairlift companies.

If you want to try and cut down the cost of a UK stairlift, you can look for used stairlifts, buy a more simple model (i.e that has fewer features) or see if you are eligible for a stairlift grant. All of these options could save you a small or considerable amount, every penny matters.

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