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When looking for a stairlift, you want to make sure you get the best stairlift to buy. Because a good stairlift can change yours or a loved one’s life.


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Last Updated on June 30, 2021

What is the best Stairlift to buy?

An average individual uses stairs at least 250.000 times in his life, according to estimation. Moving up and down the steps is a healthy person’s concern. Going up and down the stairs is no problem for a safe individual. But with ageing and declining health, things become problematic.

For example, moving from one place to another becomes extremely hard for people who have crossed 60. Another example is of people who have had an accident and are no longer able to move freely. Similarly, those who have some physical challenges and are handicapped need a UK Stairlift to make their lives easier.

Money Well Spent

Money Well Spent

Stairlifts are worth the money.

Stairlifts are the best solution and are the most appropriate alternative as well.

If you invest money to buy a lift, your life would be more autonomous and secure as the chances of having a fall are reduced.

Sense of Security To Both The Affected Person And Family

As family members can’t always be around a person who needs help to move from one floor of the house to another, a stairlift is a support that can give you and your loved one peace of mind while you are away from home.

The biggest motivation for buying a stairlift is that it makes the life of disabled people secure too.

Safety is the focal point of companies that make stairlifts.

Stairlift companies ensure their customers will not become victims of another injury and will be able to run their lives independently without requiring constant assistance. Such as Age UK Stairlifts.

Research And Consult With Occupational Therapist’s

If you have decided that a stairlift is what you need, the first thing you should do is do some research online.

Even better, go seeking an Occupational Therapist’s opinion about it.

Or if you have a friend or close relative who is already using a stairlift, talk to them about their experience and ask for their opinions and recommendations.

Test Before You Purchase A Stairlift

As far as our opinion is concerned, we would recommend that before actually buying a stairlift, you should try it for free.

There are two ways you can get a free stairlift.

Either ask a friend or a relative who is already using a stairlift or go to a shop where they are available to sell. Just ask them that you would like first to try it there.

If you feel comfortable with a free test, only then you should consider purchasing a stairlift. It’s always good to invest your money wisely, especially on things that come at a considerable price.

Buy Your Stairlift From A Quality Stairlift Company

The best practice is to always look at purchasing from a local stairlift company so that you can approach them easily whenever you face a problem, i.e. warranty issues, repair or maintenance issues. 

Therefore, it is most appropriate to pay a visit to a physical shop or get a quote online and do a site survey to have an idea of a fixed minimum price you will have to pay to own one. When you get a quote, you will be more in control and feel comfortable if accompanied by a friend or a close family member. 

Prepare Questions For The Stairlift Company Representative

Mentally prepare yourself before the company representative arrives at your home. If you have some confusion about purchasing your stairlift, write it down on a piece of paper. Also, you can write down any questions you have. We recommend that you always ask about the maintenance cost they would charge you on the representative’s arrival. This will help you in figuring out whether the company you are going to deal with is a reputable one or not.

Purchase From Reputable Stairlift Company

Purchase from Reputable Stairlift Company

Stairlifts are worth the money.

Keep in mind that all the reputable companies don’t force you to buy just because you have asked for a quote because they believe that you are under no obligation to purchase from them as a potential customer.

If you feel that the stairlift company representative is forcing you to buy from them or is giving a time-bounded offer during the process of getting a quote. For example, if you purchased today “ you will get 30% discount”, know that they aren’t a good company and only want your money. All you have to do is politely decline their request and ask for some more time by showing them the exit door. If you hate regretting your purchasing decisions, always purchase a stairlift from a reputable company.

How Do you know if the Stairlift Company Is Genuine?

The answer is simple: They will never force you to buy, and they will never offer you low rates. Reputable companies always come up with fixed rates, and they won’t enter into any bargain with you. However, they would be more than happy to make you feel comfortable about the quality of the stairlift and the warranty. That representative of a professional company will give you the best option for measuring your stairs.

After doing all this (measuring the stair’s length and telling you a fixed price), they will hand over a written quote and will ask your permission to leave. Employees are trained to be polite but firm when giving you a quote.

Their company should also emphasise to them that they should give the customer time to make a decision and reach out to the company when they’re ready. Customer service is key to finding the best stairlift to buy as they will look after you in the long run.

Can You Get Government Sponsored Funding For Buying A Stairlift?

Are you or someone you know disabled? If so, you can apply for a disabled facilities grant awarded by a local council under part- I of Housing Grants. Under this provision, your local council is bound to help the disabled person procure equipment to help them live a near-to-normal life. Hence, you can either buy a stairlift or through the floor lift using the amount approved by the council. There is just one downside of depending on Council funding. This is: the process of verification and approval take a lot of time. Therefore, if you are in urgent need, you will have to look for instant ways to purchase a stairlift.

Please note that this is just our opinion. For more information and explanation about the funding procedure, it would be wise to contact either your OT or your local council officials.

Types Of Stairlifts: Straight, Curved And Hinged Tracks

Straight Stairlifts

Straight Stairlift is the least expensive because it can easily be installed and is less complicated to build. It is the perfect solution for either a seat or a stand on the platform. It also provides flexibility in terms of installing it to either side of your house’s stairs.

Curved Stairlifts

Curved Stairlifts are a costly way of moving through the house freely. The whole duration of each customer’s measures is tailored to holding in mind. That’s why it’s more costly. Of course, the staircase firm would have to pay additional expenses to make something unique and exclusive. This is because they won’t be able to systemise their production process.

Curved stairlifts can also be installed on either side of the stairs. When purchasing a curved stairlift, the company will likely ask you to deposit a significant amount in advance. So it will be wise to have a more significant portion of the total cost readily available before you decide to buy one.

Hinged Tracks

If you live in a small house, we recommend choosing a Hinged Track Stairlift. This is because it easily folds back to create room. Hinged Tracks is made by keeping in mind that some houses have a small space at the top or bottom of their stairs. Both manual and powered types of Hinged Tracks are readily available in the market.

Important Areas & Considerations When Buying A Stairlift

Investing in one thing is an intelligent choice when it comes to lifts. When purchasing a stairlift, there are considerations. A staircase provides you with a wide range of health and physical benefits that will enable you to return home. But it can be not easy to see where to begin by selecting yours with too many options on offer. Before you settle on a make or model, you’re going to have to make a few crucial decisions when buying a stairlift. It is vital to ensure that you are as trained as possible as your home’s permanent feature. It can be a great start to know when the time is correct to purchase a stairlift and how to find a stairlift if you’re new to stairlifts or have had some experience in the past at Companion Stairlifts.

Considerations To Have In Mind When Buying A Stairlift

Will I Need To Get Special Features For A Stairlift In My Home To Fit Me?

If you ask questions like, ‘Is there a weight cap on the stairs?’ Lifts with special features could be accessible. If you want individual applications that suit your lifestyle or preferences, speak to the stairlift company and find ask. If the pressure is between the hips or legs, you can use chairs or a more prominent seat from a heavy-duty stairlift or stand and wait.

Do I Need To Make Any Modifications For My Home To Accommodate A Stairlift?

Rooms that need re-carpeting are easier to locate. If the stairlift lift is mounted, you want it to be a permanent fixture. You must discuss any stepping requirements in advance. This tends to eliminate the need for stairlift replenishment or repair farther down the road. Frequently, you would need to make your house smaller. They are usually minor changes that are mainly intended to hold the stairs in position. That moves quickly and efficiently, without any impediments.

Considerations When Buying A Stairlift

Get it right the first time and you will be fine.

What Kind of Stairlift Rail Should I Get To Fit My Stairs And House?

After completing your nomination, you will be visited at your convenience by professional experts. After carefully inspecting the stairs, they will advise you about the railway system choices that are ideally tailored to your house. The rail is either curved or smooth, depending on the form of the stairway. A hinged wall is also needed. You can rely on some passages, walls, or other barriers at the bottom of your stairlift.

Which Sort of Stairlift Do I Need To Fit My Needs And Home?

The first thing you should understand is that a straight or curved stairlift lift is needed. However, you can use the seat configuration and carriage type throughout your home quest as well. We also cover any extra protection features you can need. A home appraisal provides an excellent opportunity to quiz the evaluator on the whole process, from analysis to execution. More can be learnt here and address the question, ‘What kind of stairlift lift do I require?’

How Much Does A Stairlift Cost To Buy And To Fit?

To give you a clearer idea of how much you’re going to pay, check out the blog on How much does a stairlift cost? You don’t necessarily have to pick a new stairlift. If you’re living on a budget, refurbished or refurbished stairlifts are a fantastic and inexpensive choice. Stairlift leasing is also available as a short-term option. Budget-friendly and quick, ask us about this at any time. Or take a look at our guide to see if you can rent a stairlift? To help you weigh up some of the essential factors when purchasing a stairlift. At Companion Stairlifts, we’re happy to talk to you about your purchase options, as well as our financing options. These are all the primary considerations when buying a stairlift and looking for the best stairlift to buy.

Stairlift Costs – How Much To Buy A Stairlift In 2021?

When it comes to buying a stairlift, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Shorter stairwells that have floating bannisters. It’s the possible method of doing just what you seek. So here are some of the cost of the stairlift. Stairlifts cost can differ depending on the store, and there is no overall price.

Stairlift Call Centre

Ask for help if you are unsure.

Suppose you’re worried about investing in some stairlift at the moment, as the stairlift company such as Acorn Stairlifts to give you a tour. The agent will serve with little obligation to guide you through the order and construction phases, determining how many tonnes you will need and assisting you in budgeting for them.

A stairlift would add significant value to your home. It largely depends on whether or not a loved one has encountered difficulty getting about the house without assistance. One of the benefits of keeping one in your home is that it will help you reclaim your rights. Even if they can assist you in achieving your goals, when it comes to stairlifts, there are just too many options. Determining whether to go for curved or straight ones seems to be a difficult task as well. Count the stairlifts first if you don’t know how many there are.

Stairlift prices can differ based on the company, so we can’t work out the overall rate. We also assembled a guide with all the details you need to remember, from the remodelled price of the stairlift to the cost of the stairlift, including the fitting.

Checklist For Getting A Stairlift

Many people believe that installing a stairlift in your home is essential before contemplating a stairlift. Since the stairlift’s architecture has less of an effect on your everyday life than other in-home equipment, you can comfortably accommodate it in your home. When you grasp the installation criteria for lifts, stair searching becomes easier.

Requirements To Add A Stairlift To Your UK House

There are many variables at stake when it comes to adding a lift to the staircase.

What Is The Width Of Stairs In your Home

Several stairs are wide enough to fit a stairlift. Both stairlifts may be mounted on a 36-inch-deep standard-depth stairwell. You can cut off any handrail for large-scale work. Narrow stairwells enable a stairlift to function, but they can be difficult for heavy users. A heavy-duty stairlift will be impractical on a short flight of stairs. Ask a local handyman for a home tour to determine what conditions are necessary for the stairs.

Need Electricity For The Stairlift To Run

Electrical conditions must also be considered. To work correctly, you must charge the stairlift’s battery daily. The stairlift must be mounted near a standard electrical power source. The length of the cord ranges from 8 to 20 feet, depending on the height of the stairlift. If there isn’t another outlet near the stairs, the electrician will instal an extension cord.

You Need Space In Your Home To Fit It

The location of something you want is often a significant aspect to remember. The rail is then fixed to the stairs. Stairlifts cannot function until the safety rail and chair are on the same floor. The amount of available room determines the scale of the stairwell. We’ll make an educated guess as to how many stairs are to be raised. Light-duty stairlifts would suffice if you were raising an infant 24 to 30 inches off the ground; but, if you were moving up and down a set of stairs, a 30-inch lift would be preferable.

The productivity of a lift is determined by the total amount of available spaces in the stairwell. If a stairwell or hallway is at an angle, an object may be protected by a retractable rail. And if you don’t have enough space to instal a straight rail, a curving rail lift will operate. This chair belongs in its current place, not at the bottom of the stairs. We hope this checklist for getting a stairlift helps you decide what you need.

In Summary Of Best Stairlift To Buy

Buying a stairlift for the first time can be difficult. So, you may want to get the help of a loved one to ease the process. Hopefully, we have been able to help you with the advice mentioned above. Do you have any more questions about buying a stairlift? Or finding the best stairlift to buy? Or do you have any other advice for those wanting to buy? 

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