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Stannah Stairlifts is one of the UK’s leading stairlift providers with a business that can trace its origins back 150 years to 1867.


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Last Updated on May 18, 2021

Stannah History

Stannah is one of the UK’s leading stairlift providers with a business that can trace its origins back 150 years. All the way to 1867 when Joseph Stannah first founded a business moving goods around London’s bustling docks. The company is very different today. But it has maintained in its DNA the hard-working ethos and principles of its founder. With the well-recognised name of Stannah Stairlifts.

Today, Stannah is a global family-run business with an annual turnover well over £210 million. It also employs around 1700 people across the UK.

There have now been five generations of Stannah’s at the helm of the company. Each of whom has passed on the traditional family values which first allowed Joseph Stannah to make such a success of his first business venture.

Today Stannah is the largest, in terms of turnover, stairlift provider in the UK. In addition to stairlifts, Stannah also produces loading systems, service lifts, platform lifts, and home lifts. They have customers spread across the globe. Everywhere that they do business, they are renowned for the quality and reliability of their products.

Stannah Values

Stannah puts the values at the core of its company front and centre. Their confidence in the underlying ethos of the company. It demonstrates both their commitment to upholding and sincerity in believing. The values that have been in the company for 150 years.

With Stannah Stairlifts, the care that goes into their designs is evident immediately. The company produces a range of different stairlifts. There is a Stannah Stairlift for every stairway configuration you can think of. Being flexible enough to provide service to any customer, regardless of individual circumstance, is very important for Stannah.


A stairlift must be able to fulfil all the requirements and needs of its user. But customers also prefer to have a product that looks good in their home and matches with the surroundings. Stannah Stairlifts are available in a range of different styles and designs. Thus ensuring that there is something in their product range to fit any home.

As well as being available in a range of colours. Each chair features a comfortable vinyl material and an elegant and compact design. While maintaining an exceptional level of quality. Stannah Stairlift prices remain some of the best value available anywhere on the market.

Quality and Design

Quality and Design

High quality

The marketplace for stairlifts in the UK has become somewhat crowded in recent years. This can make it seem intimidating for a first-time buyer trying to navigate the myriad of different options available. The good news is that increased competition has given stairlift manufacturers the impetus they need to refine their designs. Not only enhance the practical use of the product. But also to design more attractive stairlifts which blend into their surroundings and are less intrusive on a home’s decoration scheme. This means that Stannah Stairlifts prices aren’t just great value for the quality of the components that you get, but with this quality, the design comes attention to aesthetics.

The increased competition has driven some manufacturers to try and shoehorn in unnecessary gimmicky features. These end up making the chairs bulkier and less easy to use. Quality manufacturers like Stannah have instead focused on ensuring that their stairlifts contain the essential features and make them as user-friendly as possible.

Stannah set themselves apart from the competition with the durability and resilience of their products. Stairlifts need to be adjustable so that they are suitable for users of any size and shape. However, in stairlifts of inferior quality, these components which can be adjusted are the most likely to fail. Not only can faulty parts render the machine inoperable, and therefore present a severe problem for users with minimal mobility, they can cause serious injury. With a Stannah Stairlift, you can be sure that every piece is made from the highest quality components and will keep the user safe long into the future.


Stannah’s Stairlifts come with all the features one would expect from a good quality stairlift; they can be adjusted to seat any user and the flexibility that they offer here truly sets them apart from the competition. The vinyl-backed seats are not just amongst the most comfortable available; they are also resilient and constructed from the highest quality materials allowing them to offer exceptional lumbar support while maintaining comfort and style.

Stairlifts that are poorly designed can take up an unnecessary amount of space and ultimately spoil the look and feel of a room. With Stannah Stairlifts, however, not only do their designs look great when in use, they can be folded away flat against the wall so that they are minimally intrusive in any room.

Folding and unfolding a Stannah Stairlift is easy, ensuring that patients with the most limited mobility can still easily manage with it. Similarly, the joystick which controls the motion of the chair has been carefully ergonomically designed to be easy to use but not overly sensitive; only a gentle movement is needed to start the chair moving. A rechargeable battery, which recharges itself continuously, means that a Stannah Stairlift is always ready for operation. Included with most models is a remote control which allows the stairlift to be called to the user.



Safety is taken seriously

It is a significant concern when dealing with stairlifts and similar products, which are marketed mainly at people with limited mobility who may already be vulnerable. Stannah stairlifts offer products that adhere to the very best safety standards practised in the industry. As you would expect from any stairlift, Stannah stairlifts feature an easy to operate kill switch, which can instantly stop the stairlift if necessary.

You might find yourself wondering ‘how much is a Stannah Stairlift, and is it worth it for me?’ If you are looking for a reasonably priced, reliable, and well-designed product, then look no further than a Stannah. Over the last century and a half, the company have built themselves up and have refined their methods and product ranges until reaching the industry-leading level they are at today.

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