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Do you have a UK Stairlift that you want to get rid of?

Through this detailed and extensive page, we will cover all the aspects you should consider before selling your stairlift at a reasonable price.


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Last Updated on September 9, 2021

Second-hand Stairlifts Are High In Demand

The first thing you should keep in mind is this: stairlift are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. That’s why used stairlifts have a great demand in the market.

So there is really no need to worry about finding a customer to sell it to.

There are so many people who would be open to buying it from you, because purchasing a second-hand stairlift is much more affordable compared to new ones. Part of the reason why secondhand stairlifts are in demand is that everybody wants to save money. Their main concern is that the thing they are going to buy is quality and durable.

Assess the Condition of Your Stairlift

Assess the Condition of Your Stairlift

Get someone to check the condition.

Are you wondering what price you should sell your used stairlift for? The answer is right here: It all depends upon the condition of your stairlift. Does it look still new? Is it working properly? Got no maintenance issues? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you’ll be able to get a good price.

Another factor that matters when selling your stairlift is its type. Straight Stairlifts sell fast while Curved Stairlifts can be a lot harder.

The reason is simple well. Anybody can make use of Straight Stairlifts, as they’re easy to install and operate in any kind of house. But Curved Stairlifts can’t be fitted into everyone’s homes so easily.

Curved models are usually custom-made by measuring the length and curve of each house’s stairs. So, people don’t purchase used curved stairlifts because they fear anyone else won’t be compliant with their stairlift as their stairlift is custom to themselves.

If you are looking at selling your Curved Stairlift, know that it will be a harder task for you.

After numerous attempts, if you get no positive response, consider giving it away. This generous act may be able to transform another person’s life.

How Much Can You Sell A Used Stairlift For?

This question should lead you towards another question: how much did it cost you to buy? Let’s say, you had bought it for £5000 the previous year.

As a good rule of thumb, you should deduct 20% of the amount from £5000 to reach the price that you actually should demand.

Another factor that you must consider along with this rule of thumb is the overall condition of the chair.

If the quality of the stairlift is not that great, whether it’s a new or old model, it’s not going to sell at a good price.

Who Will Buy A Used Stairlift From You?

One approach to sell the stairlift is to call the provider with which you purchased it. Also, you can look for a supplier who is in the rent-a-stairlift business.

If you don’t get a positive response from such suppliers, there are some other options at your disposal as well.

How To Remove A Stairlift In Your Home In The UK

If the property has stairlifts, transfer them to a place where you would not be utilising them. You no longer use stairlift assistance in your house, so that you might be searching for specialist stairlift removal. Here is how to remove a stairlift in your home.

Please contact us if you are in the market for a new product or new appliances. Only a trained professional may instal or restore stairlifts. When attempting to extract a battery, appliances can be lost. Though specialists are needed, installation and removal of stairlifts is a simple, stress-free, and comfortable process with the aid of a professional.

Time Length To Remove A Stairlift Does Vary Per Job

Stairlifts can only be serviced by a certified professional. You could delete the programme from the computer as soon as I entered it. You should schedule a date and time with a trustworthy company, such as Companion Stairlifts, to clear the stairs efficiently and effectively.

What Does The Aftermath Of Your Stairs When A Stairlift Is Removed

What are the plans for using the indoor lifts? It can leave small gaps in the stairwells for braces. If the equipment is used on carpeted stairs, one or two unimpressive blisters may be overlooked. Alternatively, this would be avoided by heating the kettle for an extended period. Since the rug has been muddied, there is a distinct colour contrast between the covering parts. Avoid removing an exterior stairlift if it may inflict noticeable signs on a concrete or tiled surface. You may do this type at a later time.

Who Can Help You remove A Stairlift?

In certain situations, the seller can disassemble the old stairlift and recover or resell the parts at no additional cost to you. If you are interested in buying a new stairlift, then there are many stairlift companies out there to help. Stairlift prices do a range, but they are worth it.

Where To Donate Stairlifts In The UK

You may want to get rid of a stairlift for various purposes, including: Before you moved in, the house should have had a stairlift fitted. Maybe your lift is just too inconvenient right now. Here is where to donate stairlifts and remove them.

Can You Donate A Stairlift In The UK

Because of the unchangeable vehicle setup, providing a direct or aided lift to a charity poses a unique range of difficulties. If you have to stand at the top of the stairwell to access it? The rail, its functional components, and other mechanisms have been rust-proofed. Many respectable firms will buy used stairlifts to resell to recoup their investment in you. Many businesses use used stairlifts for philanthropic purposes in their communities and around the country.

How To Recycle A Stairlift In The UK

Appliances that are no longer in service can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner using the stairlift recycling method. Disposal is generally included in the expenses of reputable businesses, such as the disposal charge to the recycling plant.

Stairlift Removal For People In The UK

This job is done quickly and efficiently by our highly trained technicians. A licensed installer can only operate a stairlift. So it would help if you bought from a reputable stairlift company such as Companion Stairlifts. The effort to remove one may result in damage to the fixtures and fittings. 

Your provider will arrange for a specialist to visit your home to disassemble a stairlift that is no longer needed and uninstall the appliances. Stairlift prices can be a lot, and you should think before throwing one away. Why not sell your stairlift and make some money from it.

Several reputable firms can do the disposal of new stair lifts, or you can sell, recycle, or dump your ride if you want to instal it yourself.

Ways To Scrap A Stairlift

If you wish to scrap the stairlift privately, you need to remember individual bits of knowledge. In the first instance, due to the design of the stairlifts, especially the curved stairlifts, and the number of various materials used in construction. Inside the structure, very little salvageable metal has been discovered. You can also phrase it as, In that respect, implying that this dumping is also a waste of resources.

If someone has volunteered to assist with stair-clearing, You must be assured that they are not stolen if they are burned. Both types of flytipping are unlawful, and penalties can apply.

They are just a few ways for you to donate stairlifts and remove stairlifts.

Selling Your Stairlift Online

Selling Your Stairlift Online

Selling online is easy and quick.

1) Go to Google and write “how can I sell my stairlift?”. Hopefully, you will get enough information on the subject. You will be amazed to see that there are many companies out there who are willing to buying a used stairlift. Such as Stannah Stairlifts.

2) Get your ad published in local newspapers or websites. There is an abundance of people to contact and they will happily post your ad for a small fee.

3) Craigslist or Gumtree have classified ad specific websites. Posting an ad there can really help sell your stairlift fast.

4) eBay is a decent platform for second-hand stairlift sales, as well. So you could use that platform yourself. Just make sure that while placing an ad you mention that the task of dismantling and collecting the stairlift will be on the buyer.

5) You should change your Facebook status about your stairlift intention. Facebook has a Facebook marketplace that you can use to sell it on, like eBay. It’s quite possible that some of your friends will be in need of it.

6) See if you know a friend or neighbour who is struggling to get a second-hand stairlift. If yes, then inform them that you have a stairlift that you want to sell to them at a reasonable price.

7) If you get an offer from any of these sources, then you will be required to get your stairlift dismantled and delivered to the buyer. If the buyer is someone who is making a living out of stairlifts, they will insist on dismantling it under their own supervision. They do so to get the first-hand knowledge about the usability of the stairlift. As it’s quite easy to know whether the machine is working properly during the dismantling phase. Another reason a professional would like to dismantle it themselves is to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged in the process.

To Summarise Selling A Stairlift

If you have a straight stairlift rather than a curved stairlift, it is convenient to sell your second-hand stairlift. This is because straight stairlifts tend not to be custom to your stairs. If you are wondering what price you should demand, simply deduct 20% for each year you have used it.

The best way to market and sell it is immediately through contacting the retailer you purchased it from. If they decline, Why not fill out our form on the home screen? And we will try and get a trusted supplier to get in touch to buy it

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