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Outdoor stairlifts are precisely the same as indoor straight or curved stairlifts, except that they are constructed of weatherproof materials. The buying of a stairlift process is precisely the same as well.

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Key Points For When Buying An Outdoor Stairlift In The UK

Did you know that stairlifts are not just for indoors? You can buy outdoor stairlifts for your garden. So you can get around your garden steps again.

Type Of Stairlift That You Can Buy In The UK

When purchasing an outdoor stairlift, selecting a network that meets your needs is often a topic to remember. The outdoor stairlift comes with a variety of models from which to pick. When it comes to indoor themes, though, the same rules apply.

When choosing your outdoor stairlift, think about the actual position of the stairs and the shape of the stairs; do you need a straight stairlift, or do you need a curved stairlift? Note that the stairlift prices do range based on the type. Often weigh in whether you have a single rail, a double rail or a dual rail. Dimensions are the accuracy of the secret for proper outside lift mounting. Ascertain that the space appraisal is done by a trained professional so that a qualified professional may find the stairlift that better serves your needs.


Can A Outdoor Stairlift Deal With The Elements That The UK Has To Throw At It?

Can Deal With The Elements

The outdoors can be tough on equipment

An outdoor stairlift must withstand the elements, whether it is foggy, sleety, or snowy. The bulk of outdoor elevators run all year and are made of more robust materials than a typical indoor elevator. Make sure your outdoor stairlift has a security cover. You may use it at any time of day or night and in a range of temperatures.

Summary Of Buying An Outdoor Stairlift

These are some critical points for buying an outdoor stairlift. However, new options for your outdoor lift that might improve the overall setup should be considered. These optional extras include a belt, a folding seat, custom paint or upholstery, or a swivel table.


The construction of an exterior stairlift on your home has many advantages. This may significantly improve an individual with mobility problems’ quality of life. On the other hand, it allows a person to gain entry to the property’s front and backyard. There are very few fully furnished gardens; installing an outdoor stairlift is ideal for steps to get out of the house and into the fresh air. 


Types of Outdoor Lifts You Can Buy And Use In The UK

Including the uplifted hearts to the peace of mind, there are multiple advantages to spending time outdoors. Here are some types of outdoor lifts. Elderly loved ones may not be able to reap any gains from their time spent outdoors, but these outdoor lift systems make it easier for them to do so. They are often weather-resistant, allowing consumers to explore new places that may otherwise be out of control. 

Wheelchair Lifts For The Outdoors

Other mobility options, such as outdoor wheelchairs and a platform-style elevator, are still included. Vertical platform lifts are suitable for usage in both residential and industrial settings. This wheelchair and scooter lift connects users to balconies, porches, and other outside areas.

This is accessible as an outdoor lift with several customisation options. You will be able to choose from a range of colours and designs. In these elevators, safety is of the utmost importance. Many protective measures involve a pan under the work surface to protect you prevent bumping into anything, such as a lift ring, if appropriate. Depending on the conditions, it might be relevant to enclose the components in the commercial environment. They, like outdoor stairlifts, can survive extreme weather environments. Electrical controls have been engineered to keep moisture out, and exterior parts have been sealed to keep them dry.

Stairlifts For Outdoors Such As Gardens

Stairlifts For Outdoors

Explore your garden again

An outdoor stairlift is a robust and stable home improvement choice. Straight and angled lift systems, as well as inside stairlifts, are accessible. There is only one kind of rail that is suitable for individual stairwells. Each yard, deck, or location is distinctive in its way. Taking this into account, you have many options when it comes to choosing an outdoor stairlift. Although this explanation uses an extra-long stairlift installed by a corporation in a cabin, as an illustration, keep in mind that you may also find it in residence: It is a good idea to mount the stairlift at the back of the deck or on the steps.

Outdoor Stairlifts can handle elements varying from cold to extreme heat. A variety of main characteristics differentiate these brands from their indoor counterparts. Finally, the lift rail is powder-coated to protect it from rust and corrosion caused by the elements while avoiding excessive wear and tear. For the chair on each outdoor stairlift, they are made of heavy-duty, water-resistant material.

Outside stairlifts seem to be functional but a little rough. There are, nevertheless, alternatives for providing an aesthetically pleasing look and sound. The diversity of vegetation in natural settings results in richer green and beige colour shades that complement the greenness of the foliage. A variety of security features are also provided.

Summary Of Types of Outdoor Lifts

They are just some types of outdoor lifts. When it comes to getting a mobility aid for outdoors, you want to make sure you buy the best as outdoor stairlifts need to be tough and resistant to survive the elements—that why you should look around stairlift companies such as Companion Stairlifts and see what they have to offer. When it comes to stairlift prices, they vary, but they are worth it as they can unlock freedom. So check out buying a stairlift now and get a stairlift quote.


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