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Can Stairlifts fit a narrow staircase? That is the big question we get asked a lot.

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Last Updated on May 20, 2021

Because you would think that a stairlift is big and takes up a lot of room, the internal stairs in any property built after the year 2010 must have a minimum unblocked width of 900 mm or 90cm 35.44 inches. That is the amount of gap the stairs has. One of the most often asked questions regarding people who live in smaller and older homes is if their tiny steps are large enough to cover a stairwell. This is because some old house built before 2010 do not follow this guidance.

What Is The Minimum Width Of Stairs For A Stairlift To Fit In Your UK Home

Minimum Width For A Stairlift To Fit

Not every stair can fit a stairlift.

The minimum width of a straight staircase at least 750 mm across is possible. It may be a bit tight, though. But it is possible. If the staircase is angled, the average distance a stairlift can fit in and work is up to 850 mm. Stairlifts will usually be adapted to nearly any width stairs, though; you only lack the privilege of finding several stairlift companies to pick from. This is because not every company offers narrow stairlifts, such as Companion Stairlifts do. Certain companies that do have a solution always come at a higher cost. So keep this in mind. Because the production of narrow stairlifts became a need for many people, they have become aware of the issue and have since created very ingenious solutions. So don’t feel left out if you have a narrow stairlift.

The Problem For Narrow Stairs With Stairlifts In The UK

When determining the stair depth when seated on the side of the stairs, the gap between the back and knee (or legs) would be greater than the stair distance. We must keep in mind that we can have the smallest stairlift in the world, but if someone leg length from knee to hip is bigger than the width of the stairs, then there is nothing we can do. The only option would require a lot of building work.

Potential Solutions For Narrow Stairs To Install A Stairlift

Compact designs and folding parts on the stairlift benefit from the size and efficiency optimisation. Making it take up a smaller footprint. When not in use, lightweight stairlifts can be easily folded thanks to folding armrests and chairs, folding flooring, and a streamlined rail. This can make them not hinder the use of stairs normally. Convenient for both the client and other family members who could utilise the steps as usual. Can stairlifts fit a narrow staircase? It is yes; they can. So if you have straight stairs or curved stairs, your stairs are wide enough for a stairlift in most cases.

Can Stairlifts Fit On Any Stairs In The Average UK Home?

A stairlift can be designed and engineered to suit virtually every stairway, including a narrow staircase. It differs by place, with certain operations being more expensive than others. This is because you may need a custom stairlift. This is true of most lifts in general. Straight stairs are the simplest to buy and cheapest The next most straightforward choice is a stairway with a 90-degree turn or a stairway with a 180-degree turn. Since two seats are needed, it is usually more costly. Here are some reasons on can stairlifts fit on any stairs. The stairlift would benefit both types of stairs of straight and curved. You would be able to guess accurately if they held the tracks straight and correctly aligned.

Can Stairlifts Fit Special-Design Stairs

Special-design stair steps or stairlifts can be more expensive to match, especially if they are narrow. This is because no two staircases are precisely the same, no matter how many times you visit a place. The lift must be specially designed to serve the stairwell. A curved stairlift has been challenging to manufacture and instal. Because of improvements in the manufacturing process, the expense of angled stairlifts has been reduced to some degree.

two storey homes

Two-storey homes are perfect for stairlifts.

Many stairlifts are also available with features tailored especially to straight staircases. Since the track comprises tiny parts, a path that is the same length as each stairway in the stairway project can be conveniently connected to each section of the frame. It makes no difference if the stairs have landings or treads at the top or bottom. If the track is elevated, you can quickly lower the door. In most situations, a straight stairlift is the least expensive choice and the option most people pick.

Can Stairlifts Fit Two-Story Homes With Curved Narrow Stairs?

Many two-story homes feature either 90-degree or true-180-degree stairs, but not both. In these cases, there is usually a landing between these types of stairs. This is where the stairs change direction. A stairlift can only travel to a particular house floor. The customer will have to switch from one to the other before he got out of the chair.

They are some reasons on can stairlifts fit on any stairs. You should be aware of the following facts concerning curved stairlifts: They are pricey. You should consider whether the financial gain you would get if you sell the lift before it is designed and completed is adequate to cover the additional expense. Straight stairlifts can be withdrawn from your home and mounted elsewhere. So you can sell them. If the track is too short, you can add the track. If the current stairway is too long, the stairlift can trim the track to match. But curved stairlifts are custom-made for one particular stairway and may not check any other series of stairs that could make them difficult to sell. You can buy both stairlifts through a free quote on this website.

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