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If you are planning to get a stairlift installed, chances are that you have some questions you want answering before you make a purchase. To save you the pain of actually finding someone who can answer all those questions, here are five of the most frequent queries people have about stairlifts, along with the answers.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost?

Medicare won’t likely cover the costs, but you should check with your insurance company just to be sure. It is possible that some of the insurance providers might cover at least a portion of the costs under certain situations.

Will the Stairlift be Compatible with My Stairs?

This is a legitimate question and the only way to be sure is to ask the company to pay a visit to your home for an appraisal. All the top stairlift companies offer free inspection and quotations, with zero obligation to buy the stairlift. Do make use of that opportunity and give them a call. In general, though, almost all kinds of stairs can be fitted with stairlifts, even when they are curved or uneven.

What are the Different Types of Stairlifts?

Stairlifts are either designed for straight or curved stairs. That is the main difference in type, but depending on the company, there could be other minor differences between their models. The size of the chair will also be different and should be customized according to the proportions of the person for whom the stairlift is intended.

What if there’s a Power Outage?

Although it should come by default if you buy a stairlift from a reputed manufacturer, always ask to make sure that your unit comes with a backup battery, just in case there’s a power outage. As long as it is charged, you can expect up to 50 or more round trips, even when the power is out.

How Much will it Cost Me?

Stairlift prices depend on the height, length, and type of the stairs really, so it would be impossible to estimate what you need to pay without an appraisal. As mentioned earlier, make sure to get a trusted quote.

At the end of the day, if you need a stairlift, there’s really no point in waiting, and now that you know the answers to most of your questions, or at least how to get them, the only thing left to do is get one installed.