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Dolphin Mobility is a nationwide group of stairlift suppliers with branches throughout the UK. Dolphin is an approved dealer, supplying a range of stairlifts to suit every client’s home. They also offer a rental service for those who may only need the assistance of a stairlift for a short period of time. Reviews so far for Dolphin have been good, so we thought we’d take a further look at them ourselves.

Style and Design

Dolphin Stairlifts sell a range of different stairlifts and boast that they offer styles that can fit almost every type of staircase, including steep, curved and narrow staircases.

They offer both new and reconditioned Stannah Stairlifts, and can help suggest on an appropriate model based on a customer’s needs and price budget.


With Dolphin offering a range of high quality stairlift brands from Meditek to Stannah, there is no question of quality.

They only offer high range items and according to customer reviews, the quality of fittings and call outs are great.

The reconditioned models are all backed up by a full warranty and call out service.


Each stairlift offers a different set of features, depending on the model. As they offer a wide range of models, Dolphin offers a wide range of features.

The seats are all adjustable to make the journey as comfortable as possible for the user and are ergonomically friendly.

They are all fitted with sensors to ensure in an emergency the chair will stop, with the customers’ safety paramount in each design.

Safety and Usability

Each component of the stairlifts is easily accessible whilst on and off the chair and is made for easy use, even for those who have sight and mobility impairments.

When fitted, the engineer will ensure you are comfortable in the stairlift by adjusting the back and heights accordingly and will ensure you know how to use the stairlift before leaving.

Each stairlift has been thoroughly safety tested and comes with a full warranty.

Customer Service

Of course, having a stairlift that is appropriate, is comfortable and does the job is only part of the story.

Stairlifts can unfortunately break and we want a company who will be on call out and put the customers’ needs first at all times.

Dolphin offers many services that other stairlift companies don’t such as rental services and free removal.

If a stairlift has been bought from themselves, they will remove it free of charge, saving you the hassle of having to wait to have the cash to get an unwanted stairlift out of your way.

They may also purchase second-hand stairlifts that are still in good working order, to refurbish and sell.

The Competition

There are many reasons why Dolphin is one of the UK’s best approved dealers for stairlifts, as they have great customer service and boast many offers that other companies do not. They offer stairlifts for a variety of different staircases and from a range of trusted brands, and with branches around the UK, they are accessible to every customer.