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Brooks Stairlifts was created in 1973 by Frederick Brooks. Here is an in-depth review of Brooks Stairlifts and what they offer.


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Last Updated on May 22, 2021

The initial design was an innovation that elderly households took to. This was when the product was first marketed in the UK, and a new industry was born. Since this time, Brooks has led the industry with new designs over the past three decades.

Style And Design

Style and Design

Sleek designs

Brooks Stairlifts are usually created in a two-tone colour scheme. With the padded seat and padded back being a darker colour than the rest of the chair and equipment. The colouring tends to help their products blend into the background without the use of garish hues. That would be unpopular and clash with existing decorations.


With the increasing competition in the UK stairlift market and new brands popping up all the time. It’s unsurprising that products like the Brooks Lincoln stairlift lead the demand for quality and durability. Brooks Stairlifts reviews are generally positive because the company has had many years in the industry. They understand it well and knows what their customers want the most. They’re not a new company that is still feeling their way with a product line that reflects that level of uncertainty. This gives buyers confidence in both the brand and its product quality.


The Brooks Stairlift comes with many features. The product line includes straight stairlifts to go up a flight of stairs to the level above without turning. Also, curved ones are custom-fitted to work with the curvature of the stairs as they are designed.

The seats on Brooks Stairlifts are fully adjustable to make them more comfortable and safer. Reading well-written Brooks Stairlifts reviews make it more apparent which model is likely to be suitable for you. For instance, some chairlifts support up to 200 kilos. Also, for safety, they have seat belts in case you might find the ride a little scary at first! It’s all perfectly safe.

Safety And Usability

As mentioned above, safety in the design of Brooks products is of paramount importance. With features like accurate adjustability and seat belts, the plan is oriented around safety first. The controls are easy to manage too, so you don’t have to be left with your hands to control the chairs upwards or downwards movement, which is essential when you have arthritis and find hand control more difficult.

Customer Service

Customer Service

They are there to answer any questions.

You cannot forget the importance of customer service. From when you speak to someone on the phone about your initial requirements, to the people who visit your home to discuss the stairlift in person and take measurements, right up to the installers – their professionalism is evident. The company understands that mobility is essential, but so is feeling comfortable, welcoming new people into your home.

The Competition

Brooks has a healthy range of quality products that cover different needs, like ones for a curved staircase and others for a straight staircase. The features and service compare well with that of other stairlift manufacturers because they’ve kept up with the latest innovations and updated their product range accordingly.

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