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If you read this, your stairlift might not work correctly, or you might be curious about buying a stairlift and wanting to know what sort of problems might emerge. Luckily, a well built and operated lift is unlikely to give you a question. If you have a problem with your elevator, there are a range of troubleshooting tips that can fix some typical stairlift problems without making a service appointment. Here is why your stairlift not working.

Stairlift prices do range but the more expensive stairlifts come with better aftercare. Also, it depends on the stairlift company you buy your stairlift from because different companies offer different aftercare. So keep this in mind when you buy a stairlift.

Is the lift still wired in? 

Many of the stairlifts are battery operated but are charged using a standard electrical plug and wall socket. If this plug is disconnected from the wall socket, it will cause your lift battery to drain—test to make sure that the power cord is completely plugged into the wall socket. 

Is the main turned into an ON position? 

If your lift model has a key, check to make sure it is in the ON location. 

Turn The Stairlift On
Make sure it is turned on.

Is the lift receiving power? 

Most of the stairlifts have a set of warning lights that will inform you if the lift receives electricity. If these lights are not lit at all or if only the red light is on, your stairlift will not be compensated. This will mean that your batteries need to be replaced or that the socket does not charge. Check to see if the outlet operates anything like a lamp. If not, there is likely to be a problem with the outlet and not the lift. If yes, it can mean that the batteries in your stairlift need to be replaced and that you can contact your stairlift dealer.

Is the swivel seat locked in place? 

Most stairlift models enable the swivel seat to be locked in a straight forward position (not in the direction of landing). If the seat is not fixed in place, the lift would not normally operate. 

Are the arms and legs stuck in the down position? 

If your armrest or footrest is not bolted down, your stairlift will not be operating correctly. 

Are there any barriers on the stairs? 

Check the stairs for any obstacles, such as a shoe or a doll. Most of the stairlift models have a sensory plate that would not allow the chair to function if it detects that the object is in the way.


Although these guidelines can sound simple, looking for these problems may help prevent specific service calls. However, often a stairlift may need a battery repair service or a malfunctioning part. One way to stop getting an issue with your stairlift is to plan annual preventive servicing visits. This will help keep the lift running correctly and extend its longevity. Before selecting a stairlift dealer, be sure to ask into their ability to maintain the stairlift they mount. We hope this could have told you why is your stairlift is not working.