Last Updated on September 21, 2021

When it comes to buying mobility equipment to help you stay at home independently, a therapist or physiotherapist can offer professional advice, especially if you plan to spend a considerable amount of money. These experts may be able to save you money if you make an expensive mistake. They are your best bet to speak to before you go to a mobility shop or company.

The therapist also tells you if the equipment is eligible for long-term health care or social care financing – though you may have to wait longer. This means that when you buy equipment, you are generally not responsible for any potential maintenance or servicing costs. 

Mobility companies such as stairlift companies often come to you and will give you a custom quote and make sure you get the best mobility aid to fit your need. This is often free and you should take advantage of this. So you can get the best deal.

For example, when buying a stairlift, you want to get the best stairlift price by getting a company to come out and give you a quote and explain to you what will be the best option for you. 

Disabled Living Centers in some areas of the United Kingdom have equipment displays, and you may be able to visit one near you. These centres are interested in assisting you in making the best choices possible by allowing you to test displayed products and provide information on how to purchase them.

Websites specialized in-home care products for the elderly are included in our list of independent living wholesalers. Whenever possible, try the equipment before purchasing to confirm that it addresses the problem and offers the best solution.

When purchasing an expensive object, it is equally important to consider the long term. If you have a medical condition that may change, you should prepare ahead of time and invest in a product that will meet your needs today and in the future. A physiotherapist or occupational therapist can help you make these decisions.

Assistive technology products

For many years, councils provided emergency or community alarms, often known as ‘lifeline alarms,’ but other options were needed with an ageing population and cash-strapped local governments. Many more items may be bought – and other solutions can be sent directly to family members and call centres.

It’s worth noting that many telecommunications systems need you to sign a monthly contract, especially if you’re linked to a support centre. You may expect to pay about £6 per week for an essential pendant warning, but if your local government informs you that each individual has their unique price structure. Some support systems, such as gas sensors that may switch off your gas system, may also need the services of an expert.

Our list of independent residential businesses includes establishments that provide supporting technology, telecare, and mobility assistance.

Search For A Mobility Scooter.

Although there are numerous internet vendors, when it comes to mobility scooters, it is essential to sample before you buy – even if this means limiting yourself to a few models that are available for in-person testing. When evaluating each scooter, make sure you sit in a comfortable and stable upright position with adequate legroom and easy access to the controls.

Some small scooter seats may be too tight for those with larger bodies, while some more expensive scooters may include adjustable seats and backrests. Along with sitting on a mobility scooter, make sure you drive it and compare different kinds.

Check to check whether your scooter has a warranty and after-sales service. Models should have a one-year guarantee, while others should have two or three years. If an extended warranty is available, you should consider it.

Check Out The Mobility Scooter Folding Easily.

If you buy a folding scooter, be sure you can fold it without getting your fingers caught in the frame. When disassembling, make careful to separate it and lift its parts to see how heavy they are, then reconnect them to see how easy it is to reconstruct.

It would help if you also practised getting your mobility scooter into your car, whether by lifting it with help or using a ramp or a hoist.

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There is no such thing as a conventional boot; even if two cars have the equal capability, their shapes are unmistakably different. The only way to know whether a scooter will fit in your boot is to try it in your car. This is often the deciding factor for people.

Examine The Expenses Of Mobility Scooter.

The mobility scooter market may be confusing since costs vary considerably, particularly when purchasing new ones. Mobility scooters, for example, may be less than half the price when bought online, but there are drawbacks, such as the price not including assembly, maintenance, or maintenance. If you get certain disability benefits, you may buy or rent a supplementary mobility scooter, including via Motability.

Accepting the RRP as a nominal value should be avoided; most stores display it as a price reference but often have discounts or specials or sell considerably below it. Don’t be scared to inquire if a deal has to be struck.