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Here are are some ways elderly people can stay safe at home.

Older individuals remain stable for a more extended period. This is partially due to improvements in medical treatment. Still, it is also because households are getting better and better, thanks to the necessary measures that cost less or less and are easy to enforce. Here are five simple steps to eliminate dangers in your home setting.

Remove Trip All Hazards

It’s a tragic fact that six people over 65 suffer a fall every minute. Because almost half of these happen at home, it’s a smart idea to take a look around to see what can be done to reduce the harm. Hazards such as rugs, trailing cords, lost shoes and debris on the floor are all quickly avoided. Adaptations to make movement simpler, such as extra stair rails or stairlifts, additional lighting and support bars in the toilet, are worth exploring If you feel your loved one is at risk when going upstairs, it may be a good idea to invest in a stairlift. This will remove the dangers of them going upstairs. Stairlift prices range but they are great for helping someone safely get up their stairs again.

Alert Systems

External alarms, intercoms and other warning devices are an outstanding builder of faith. Knowing that support is just a call or a click of a button away is incredibly comforting for those who may feel nervous when they are lonely or are worried about dropping. These devices can be used to alert emergency responders, security personnel, or someone you can trust to respond to your call.

Make Sure The House Is Secure

Be sure you have locks on all doors and windows and keep them in proper working order. Also, someone you trust can have a backup key in their hands so that they can obtain access if they believe there’s a problem. Don’t unlock if you have the slightest feeling that your caller may be false or dangerous.

Remove fire hazards

Get smoke alarms fitted and take extra precautions when cooking or using electrical appliances. Ensure that you have a strategy for fire and training. Then, if the worst happens, you’ll know your escape plan well, and you’ll be able to think coolly and simply in an emergency. Your local fire department will be happy to provide you with a home call to educate you.

Keep Active

Having the mind and body as well as balanced and healthy as possible has a range of advantages. Increased strength, coordination and stability can help prevent injuries. It increases bone density and reduces the progression of osteoporosis. It also boosts your outlook and helps you feel more optimistic, and that can only be a good thing.


Staying safe isn’t always about security. Staying safe comes in all forms from the environment, to mentally safe and many others. Here are are some ways elderly people can stay safe at home.