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There are indicators of issues that can not be missed several times before the lift ceases running. Addressing these signs will mean reduced maintenance costs and save you downtime by fixing them until the stairlift ends running. Here’s the list of the top things we’ve come across over the years.  Here are some signs your stairlift needs servicing.

Please note that when buying a stairlift, you should check what the stairlift company is offering when it comes to afterlife care. This is because different ones offer different aftercare. This can also be dictated by the stairlift price and how much you pay.

Stairlift Stops Going Up The Stairs

Stairlift stops going up the stairs
Get it checked if this happens a lot.

Your lift appears to be good going down the stairs, but it’s beginning to move slowly or halt in the uphill direction. This is a warning that the internal lift batteries need to be replaced earlier. This can only be accomplished by an experienced technician who can also inspect the charging circuit, the power supply and the associated safety circuits. 

Stairlift Beeping and Chirping Noise 

Crafted to get your attention, this helpful yet irritating sound is the raise that tells you the batteries are not charging. The potential cause is that there is no electricity at the outlet or defective power source. You can avoid a service call by testing the power outlet if the lift fails to call for service.

Scrapping Noise 

This can never be a positive thing; you’ll want to arrange the operation as quickly as possible to minimize further harm to the elevator. The scraping sound can be different depending on your model lift; the most common source is worn rollers or internal pieces out of balance. 

Loose Cover 

While specific covers should shift to detect an object, they should never be loose, torn, rattling or lacking fasteners. 

Cracked or broken Stairlift Sections 

In certain situations, the lift will continue to operate on a damaged portion. Not only can this be harmful, but it can also cause other pieces to split up. The seat spring is split here, stopping the lift from moving.

Exhibited wiring 

Eventually, the exposed wire would crack to stop the lift from going. In some instances, this wire can be shortened to the metal, which can create even more complications resulting in higher maintenance costs.

Black or Grey Dust 

Usually, a symbol of a worn component, a bushing, fitted or lifting housing that will inevitably create further problems.

Intermittent Processes 

The lift runs well occasionally, but it can pause at random. There may be a wide range of stuff, like an electrical short or a safety change. 

Unusual Operations 

Lifting hops, shutters or hesitating to the track with scratching noise, the possible reason is that the gearbox is going wrong. 

Random Error Code 

The diagnostic monitor flashes new codes while sitting or driving. This is also the case when the lift controller or circuit board begins to fail. 

Unusual Sounds or Gestures 

The person riding the lift regularly becomes acquainted with the usual sounds and feel of how the stairlift works. Every odd action or new sound is something that needs to be looked at more closely. 

Troubleshooting Of The Stairlift

Is your lift stopped working? There are a variety of explanations that a stairlift might stop running; sometimes it’s possible to fix simple problems. We’ve also developed this guide to troubleshooting fundamental lift problems. They are just some signs your stairlift needs servicing.