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Home sharing is a way to put together two very separate groups of individuals, each with their own unique needs. The program is intended to assist elderly adults. Who may require a little more assistance and companionship but may not want to transfer to residential treatment, and often to encourage younger people who need inexpensive housing. Mostly when they are starting up a new career or trying to settle away from home for the first time.

So How does home sharing work?

So How does home sharing work?

Home sharing is an agreement where an ageing household with a spare space offers housing for a younger individual who wants to move elsewhere. The older person is generally referred to as the ‘host’ and the younger person as the ‘guest.’. In exchange for the lodging, the visitor can provide the host with companionship and assistance with household chores. Accommodation is offered on a reasonable rental basis and often without charging at all.

In legal terminology, the visitor is a ‘lodger’ rather than a traditional occupant, and the arrangement will continue for anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Based on the desires and expectations of the visitor and the host.

Why is this of benefits to older people?

Old age is a gradual phenomenon rather than a medical problem; we’re all becoming more aged every day. However, two of the most significant challenges experienced by older persons are depression. Particularly following the loss of a wife or family member, and difficulty in retaining one’s freedom due to the advent of health problems.

For several older persons, the solution to these issues is to move in with one’s family or to seek a sort of home care. But he’s not matched to everybody. In reality, for the vast number of older persons. Living alone and residing in one’s own home for as long as possible is a primary concern.

We are all different and have varying desires. But, home sharing appears to provide an answer to many of the issues encountered by elderly adults living alone. Renting a space to a younger individual, one who goes out to work or college every day, offers the host a link to the outside world. For many older persons, the role of supporting a younger individual to move on with their lives by having the most simple human needs, protection and companionship bring a massive boost to their feelings of value and self-esteem.

Finding a youthful, more competent individual in the house will also be a significant aid with health problems. Finding the right person to support your travel from one place to another or support you walk the stairs or ascend the stairs. Whether you have one, will make a difference. Feeling able to travel easily isn’t a luxury thing. It’s a requirement because even though stairlifts may allow you the ability to walk down the steps. Getting there can always be a challenge.

Homesharing also provides business at mealtimes and throughout the evenings and weekends. It also offers the host a little additional money and someone to assist with laundry, preparing and other household chores. The visitor also has the expertise to communicate with his or her host. Such as helping the aged come to grips with emerging technologies.

Loneliness impacts a large amount of our elderly and has proved to be related to the worsening of emotional and physical wellbeing. Home sharing is not the full solution, but it has made a significant difference to many of its members.

How to get a home share

An increasing array of municipal councils are also active in implementing and operating home-sharing schemes. These organizations put hosts and visitors together to offer feedback to help to ensure that the placements work smoothly.

A significant task for these organizations. Be they voluntary companies or formal business bodies, is to meet and review prospective visitors and to take up their references. This is a critical step that offers the host the confidence that the young individual they invite to their home is acceptable in terms of integrity and reliability. 

When a list of possible hosts and visitors have been established. The organization will start the process of matching the two. A variety of considerations are involved in deciding this. Still, essentially it depends on whether or not the two sides consider each other and are satisfied that they will work together under the same roof.

The procedure usually continues with an informal meeting and, whether and when both the host and the visitor are satisfied. The young person transitions to his or her new house. The organization would also give guidance to all stakeholders about what is needed and will be eligible for continuing assistance and help.

In situations where the notion of wanting to share a home first arises from a family member. The proposal needs to be explained to the elderly individual with much caution. Gently describing the benefits and allowing him or her time to reflect on them. It can be especially useful to have the ability to talk to other individuals whose experiences are identical. The organization concerned may also aid in this respect.

Although home-sharing is still reasonably recent as a structured practice, the findings have so far been quite good. Older people who have engaged speak about the positives of getting a younger business in the house; someone who can assist with domestic chores as well as have a little extra cash. Younger visitors talk about how much they enjoy getting good, inexpensive housing and someone to come home and provide comfort and motivation.

Yet, after all, for many decades, younger people have been giving meaningful help to older people and, in exchange, the older generation has passed on their significant life experience to younger people than themselves. Home-sharing draws on this well-established mechanism and extracts it from the boundaries of the family and the broader society.

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