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Stairlifts can provide essential mobility aid in homes. But these mechanical devices must be maintained in tip-top shape so that they continue to function as needed. But a stairlift is only useful if you can use it all the time. So it is key to maintain it. Here is how to maintain a stairlift.

As for every piece of machinery that has moving parts, and in particular. Those that are motorized, keeping them well maintained is the essence of ensuring that they stay in full working order. 

Knowing how to handle the stairlift can be challenging if you don’t have any prior technical or maintenance experience. But once you know some of the essential tips to follow, it’s pretty easy. Just about everyone can do it.

So, here are some top tips on how to keep your stairlift in full working order. And note to execute these activities still while the stairlift chair is at the bottom of the stairs and is turned off.

Be Sure To Read The Manual

The first thing that is key when it comes to how to maintain a stairlift before doing some repairs or cleaning of your stairlift. You can make sure that you spend time reading the manual included with your stairlift. It would also send you detailed repair orders. Providing you with a list of things that you can and should not try to perform.

Clean It Regularly

Clean It Regularly
Be sure to give it a good wash.

Cleaning up the stairs is completely important from a maintenance point of view. Many would say from a grooming point of view as well. Regular dust is very critical in terms of maintaining it in good working order. 

It would be best if you used a somewhat moist cloth on your seat as well as the rail itself to prevent any grit. Ideally, please do this at least once a week as it prevents any build-up of dust and subsequent mechanical problems that may arise.

Keep it Lubricated

It is essential regularly to lubricate the surface of the stairlift. Often do this after you’ve washed it, so there’s no fuel or dust build-up. It would only require lubrication every 2-3 months at a time. It is necessary to add only a minimal amount of lubricant to the track and NOT to the chain at all. 

The idea of lubricating the track is to ensure that it continues to roll – we don’t want to make it so slick that it slips. 

It can be very valid to lubricate your stairlift. So whether you’re old or have trouble in the joints of your hands. It’s usually a smart idea to ask a friend or a parent to help you with this.

Get It Serviced Regularly 

If you buy a new or a second-hand stairlift, you will almost definitely be given some service pack for it. It is strongly recommended that you carry this out and at least submit regular reviews. 

This ensures that every 12 months. A skilled and qualified specialist will contact you to inspect the equipment and conduct repair duties and ensure that it is in good working order.

Avoid Using Solvents & Bleach On Your Stairlift

Avoid Using Solvents & Bleach On Your Stairlift
These can be damaging.

If you do, you can never use any solvents, chlorine or other household cleaning items on your stairlift. At best, adhere to a wet cloth – it can remove smoke, pollution and soil. 

Using bleaches or solvents will damage the equipment and possibly cancel your warranty. Leaving you with a dangerous and very costly issue on your hands.

Speak To An Expert If You Are Unsure

If you can not manage repair activities on your own. Or whether you have any questions about what you are (or should be) trying to do. Then it’s better to talk to a specialist about your stairlift. It is best to speak to the stairlift company you brought it from. A good thing to also do when buying a stairlift is to look and see what different companies offer for after-sale care. There are lots of stairlift reviews out there which break that down for you such as the Companion Stairlift review.

There are complex and intricate pieces of equipment that take care of your safety and stability – do not risk destroying them when doing activities you are not aware of. This is key and keeps it in mind. Even though this is a how to maintain a stairlift guide. There are just some things you should leave to the professionals.