Last Updated on May 15, 2021

Living with a condition is a challenging experience for both the body and the soul. However, ingenuity can often result in financial distress and impoverishment. Here is the financial breakdown of having a disability.

Government Findings From Having A Disability In the UK


When this is combined with the fact that people with disabilities are more likely to be disabled or working in low-wage jobs, people may be concerned. Several administrations have adopted and modified various healthcare programmes over the years to address increasing healthcare prices. The first of these is now in operation and is being introduced. The new administration has just proposed plans to limit more pay cuts.

Summary Of Financial Breakdown Of Having A Disability

That is an overview of the financial breakdown of having a disability. Also, other costs can be down to having to buy new equipment for your hope, such as buying a stairlift. This is so that you will be able to get up and down your stairs again. If this is a constraint, then you can get a stairlift grant to help you. Stairlift prices do range and something you should factor into your budget if you think you need one.