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Our family homes are full of stories, fun and, in certain situations, lots and lots of things! If your elderly loved one is at the stage in time where downsizing is the next step – they do not want to hear or explore it. Talking to others about getting out of their home can be daunting and will take some planning. Start by placing an optimistic perspective on the situation by dropping the term downsizing and instead of naming it a trendy, modern phrase – righting and using the guides below to learn how to chat about granting rights to your loved one properly. Here are some ways of discussing downsizing.

Be Thoughtful

You need to be empathetic and remember what your loved one is going through. Imagine someone talking to you about making your home right – how might you feel about it? How would you react to that? Using this mental pregame to brace for a difficult task. Be mindful of the emotional reaction that this subject will give you. You should understand that privilege can be tiring, exhausting, and is often viewed as giving in to age.

See Both Sides

Help your loved one understand that they should be entitled by planning your arguments. There are several explanations for this, and it helps to be transparent and truthful about legitimate questions and possibilities. Any of the reasons may include: 

  • To get closer to the family, if possible 
  • Save money on a small property 
  • Reducing depression when caring for a smaller house 
  • The ability to make new memories 
  • An opportunity to develop their social life

Deal With Worries

In any tough conversation, listening is the most important thing. You need to hear and recognize people’s worries and doubts before you discuss an action plan. Refer to the good aspects of the transfer and discuss every apprehension or concern with consideration, compassion, and integrity. It’s not a promotional pitch, but it’s approaching a loved one to help them confront the daunting part of ageing.

Be Open To Talk

Be understanding

The first talk may be one of many on the topic of rights, and that’s all right. You will need to have repeated discussions, and your loved one will take more time to warm up the idea. They will also need to hear the advantages of continually, and the arguments for, freedom to get the message across. It can take some time before a decision is taken to give the right to rights. 

Look At Alternatives

Sometimes moving out and downsizing is not always the solution. But sometimes because of your loved one’s mobility problems, then they may struggle to get up and down their stairs. But there are other options. Such as buying stairlifts. These will help your loved ones get up and down their safely again. Stairlift prices do a range, but they are a lot cheaper than downsizing.

To engage your loved one in a fruitful discussion:

  1. Use the recommended tips above for discussing downsizing.
  2. Be frank with yourself and listen to your loved one.
  3. Don’t be afraid to reflect on the positive and negative consequences of the change.
  4. Acknowledge that transition is complicated, but stress the rewards.