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Communicating with someone who has Alzheimer’s disease can be difficult and sometimes stressful. Communication is accessible, though, if you stay polite, prevent disruptions, avoid errors, use non-verbal contact, and keep it straightforward. Read more of these tips below. 

Don’t Get Frustrated.

When speaking with someone with Alzheimer’s, make sure to brace yourself for a discussion. You need to be careful, and you need to know that it will be difficult. Don’t lift your voice, show stress, or show annoyance. Enable your loved one to take their time with you. Try to listen and not to disturb.

Reduce Distractions

Keep the obstacles out by getting a conversation away from conflicting sights and sounds. You will do this by using a private space in the house (like a den or a bedroom), so the attention is focused on you, not the T.V., the vehicles passing by, or any other noise in the background. Doing so will at least create a clear path to talk and communicate.

Be Understanding

Understand their struggles.

You will quickly get off the subject or lose someone’s interest if you find out an error or correct what he or she said. Evite this mistake and stop fighting with your loved one.

Use Gestures

Communication uses both spoken and non-verbal signals. Try using visual and non-verbal cues (i.e. hand motions, facial movements, etc.) to get the point across.

Keep It Simple

Depending to when the illness progresses, you can need to keep your sentences brief and to a point. Eventually, as things advance, you will need to keep your questions to yes or no answers. In comparison, break down broader topics into simpler, easier-to-understand talk points. For example, if you need to address a new medicine – remember all the things you need to interact with: the name of the drug, the intent, why it occurs, where it has to be taken, how much, etc. Break down each of these and take the time to deliver a message.

Communicating with someone who has Alzheimer’s disease is hard at times. But don’t forget they are a normal human just like you and should try to treat them just the same. Also, along with communication, you can find that mobility can be a problem with people who suffer from Alzheimer’s. A good thing to invest in is buying a stairlift. Stairlift prices range but you can’t put a price on your loved ones being safe in their home. So get a quote and speak to the experts.