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Communicate with your elderly loved one is key to a healthy relationship. Here are a few ways you can do it. This is because talking about the future of an elderly parent may also be an unsettling experience for those involved. Challenging issues to discuss can include financial considerations, the need for help, improvements in health and fitness, and limited mobility. Although these conversations can be complicated, opening up channels of contact on the future is vital to the successful delivery of a treatment strategy that is ideally tailored to the needs of those concerned. Here are some of the best practices to help you get through these crucial conversations with your loved one.

Effective Practices in Contact with an Elderly Parent

Effective Practices in Contact with an Elderly Parent
Talk to them.

Remember the following while beginning a challenging conversation with your elderly parent: 

  • Could you write down your target and stick to it? This will keep you on track if the topic changes if / when the subject gets emotional. 
  • Understand your relational style in such a manner that you can control your feelings and express what you think. 
  • Understand the coping style of your elderly parent (i.e. how they interpret information) so that you are informed and can keep the dialogue focused. 
  • Consider the kind of knowledge you and your parent share. Your parent may have brilliant ideas or serious problems, and it’s essential to listen to them. 
  • Choose the right environment/location to have a conversation so that you all feel relaxed and are not disturbed. 
  • Consider personal appearance (e.g. use of body language, the sound of the voice, choice of words, speaking), and it can sometimes lead to confrontation or disagreement.
  • Bear in mind your choice of pace and word. This will mean that the message is straightforward, concise and focused.


Communicate with your elderly loved one is key to a healthy relationship. It will also help relieve the stress of looking after them. Along with communication, you want to understand whether they may need a mobility aid. This is because they may be struggling in silence. A mobility aid that could help them is buying a stairlift. Stairlift prices range, but they can be a highly useful thing that will help give them freedom around their home again. You can also get grants for stairlifts to help you out. But its best to speak to your loved one and understand their needs.